Adaptive Training not calculating my outdoor (non-PM) rides?

So I’m new to AT, and have noticed if I train outdoors (ez endurance) I recieve no updates to my AT progression levels, even though I wore HR. WTF? I do, indeed, recieve updates when I do intervals (endurance/sweet spot) INDOORS, but then no “credit” for my 4-hour OUTSIDE ride yesterday. I’m doing a 20-hour base block this week and it appears my data is skewed.

***Also, I came into AT with a lot of fitness, and yet the progression levels started me out at all 1.0 even though my TR calendar is up to date with outdoor rides that have HR data. Again, what the heck?

Am I missing something?

Unstructured rides outside are not currently counted towards Adaptive Training Progression Levels at this time. That feature is TR’s #1 priority and the most requested one right now.

Per your prior workouts and the info above, unfortunately TR does not “see” that right now, so 1.0 PL for new riders is the default.


If you had a big FTP bump on your initial ramp test AT will make your PLs 1.

That may be true for some users, but thats not the case here. He is a new TR user, with no TR based history. As such, he started with 1.0 for all PLs. That is the default for anyone starting TR for the first time.

Chad, true. No TR based history, BUT started AT with a lot of fitness that is logged in my TR history/calendar. Thus, starting at 1.0 does not make sense … unless I am missing something. Moreover, now that I am on AT, how can I have confidence in the data, if it won’t calculate my rides outdoors (w/ HR Data). Yesterday’s 4-hr ride, done with 129 avg HR should have bumped up my endurance progression level … but it didn’t. So how can I have confidence in AT?
…really trying to understand, thank you. :slight_smile:

If you have great fitness just do a 10.0 workout in the zone you want and then all of the following workouts will be a lot higher

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Hot take, endurance progression levels don’t really matter. There’s little adaptation done with them generally and I think most folks who train regularly are actually levels 8-10 in their potential. I can ride under 2hrs most of the time and knock out a 5hr century whenever, I just view that as less critical of an area to progress compared to higher ones


I agree with you on the endurance score

Are your outdoor rides a TR workout that’s been set to “outside” or are they just “rides”? I’ve had adaptations from the former (admittedly on a bike with PM) but also with rides on my MTB without a PM just HR data.

AT seems to require that it knows what the intent of the ride is so that it can compare that with the actual outcome. Otherwise while it can analyse the ride it has no way of knowing if that 15 second “sprint” really was a sprint or just you pulling away from a junction.

Actually I’ve just looked at your calendar - it seems that your outdoor rides are just freeform as far as AT is concerned in that they aren’t associated with a TR workout. If you want them to count towards AT’s calculations then associate them with a suitable workout, so if you are heading out for a three hour endurance ride find a workout with roughly the same profile, add it to your calendar then either push it to your head unit and do the ride/workout or do the ride then associate it afterwards. Then AT will set your PLs accordingly and offer adaptations.

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This. Specifically, I’ve seen that AT counts outside rides towards the progression that the scheduled indoor workout has planned.

So, to get AT to recognize outdoor rides:

  1. Need to have a scheduled workout
  2. Mark it as “outside”
  3. The outside ride will only affect the levels of the energy systems that the scheduled workout targets

I’m just realizing this after a few weeks.

I wonder if adding endurance workouts to my schedule before I decide to do an outdoor ride will “help” AT recognize improvements to my endurance PLs…

I might try that for my impromptu Friday ride tomorrow!

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  • I totally get what you want and expect, and agree it should work that way. It will, eventually… whenever TR releases the ability for AT to review your unstructured outside rides.

  • All I am pointing out is what IS actually in place right now (or more specifically in that case, what IS NOT in place).

  • Until they implement that feature (interpret unstructured rides), you can’t. Just that simple, unfortunately.

However, you can consider implementing the TR outside workouts feature, and when performed properly and after completing the related ride survey, you will get AT recognition of those rides.

Here are related articles if you are not familiar with this option.

***Also, I came into AT with a lot of fitness, and yet the progression levels started me out at all 1.0 even though my TR calendar is up to date with outdoor rides that have HR data. Again, what the heck?

This was my problem starting out too. VO2 workouts felt like sweet spot. (FTP might have been low, too). So I ignored the power recommendations initially and did the workout in resistance mode at a level I felt VO2 should feel about right for me, responded with “easy” at the survey at the end of the rides and immediately the related progression levels went up, TR recommended adaptations, and a couple weeks in I’m doing workouts as prescribed. Now hopefully AT can work on progressing me, instead of me progressing the AT engine. :grimacing:

This is just a limitation of machine learning - it needs data to operate. Perhaps TR will work on expanding the data it can use, but it’s in its infancy! I think it’s super cool and am excited to see how it will progress.

With the outdoor rides - select a workout as described prior to doing your ride then give it some time.


This :+1:↑.

Using TR to shape your endurance is not the way to go.

If you’re riding 20hours a week then a program that has at least a large chunk of it’s base in “time crunched” / efficient training isn’t going to line up with your expectations.

There’s still a heap of value in AT shaping your intensity sessions more specifically to your abilities.

Good discussion here! Looking at the full scope of prior ride data to start out with PLs is something we’d love to do. Will just take a little time! But until then, keep in mind that the difficulty of your workouts is not based upon your Progression Levels, rather your FTP.
Starting out with no PLs doesn’t mean your workouts are set at a difficulty for a 1.0/untrained athlete or anything, look at PLs as just a reflection of the work you’re doing, not a gauge for how hard your work should be. :sunglasses:


Interesting thread.
I was about to sign up for an adaptive MTB plan using RPE.
With TP every single recorded action is calculated and taken into account.
Now, I don’t mind my running not taken into account but occasional rides (volume, trips) are a must.
A training session after a 60 miles ride with friends needs to be adapted according to its TSS and IF.
I need to trust the plan to advance me, all data considered.