Outdoor Unstructured Ride Integration with AT

I’ve taken a break from TR. Ready to get back on the horse. I was using Adaptive Training before the break. I still rode during the break just playing outdoors or Zwift. Now the questions I haven’t found an answer to yet

If I do an outdoor unstructured ride on a bike with a power meter does AT consider that in the algorithm? My gravel and one mountain bike both are equipped

If I do an outdoor unstructured ride with my heart monitor on, no power meter, is that considered by computer Chad? My fat bike and hard tail are pretty simple.

I did like the option I heard on the latest podcast to use latest training to determine ftp vs ramp test. Not a fan of the ramp test. Is that active now?

Thanks in advanced as I prepare to go back to work and my ftp really needs it.

As of today, AT does not incorporate unstructured rides.

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Outdoor unstructured rides, i.e. not a TR workout pushed outdoors, currently don’t get analysed by AT. Doesn’t matter if you have a PM or not. It’s something they are working on. Currently AT works along the lines of: “I asked you to do this and now let me analyse how well you did” With an unstructured ride it doesn’t know the intent of the ride so can’t mark you up or down for it.

FTP estimation is also something in the future.


With respect to the FTP estimation vs testing, this is something I personally would avoid. No one likes testing, it is hard and there is lots of pressure in that moment to perform. BUT races are hard and there is lots of pressure to perform. For me the test isn’t just about the test, it is the mental and physical adaptations you gain from going that deep. Just my $.02

Hmm, having posted the previous response today I had a peculiar AT experience.

I was meant to do a Ramp Test (might still do so) but decided to head out and burn off some of the Xmas excess with a 2hr tempo ride on the MTB. This has no power meter and today my head unit (Garmin Oregon) decided it didn’t want to talk to my HRM so no HR data either. No big deal I know the rough sort of pace I wanted to ride at and most of the route was along a canal tow path so… flat.

Got home, uploaded the ride to Strava and then refreshed the Calendar to pull the activity over to TR. I got the “Adaptations Pending” popup :thinking: Not sure what’s going on here - my FTP hasn’t changed, the ride isn’t associated with any TR workout, certainly not the Ramp Test. Don’t know why I’ve been offered adaptations, can’t be the few days off the bike as the suggestions were all “positive”:
San Pedro (3.9) to Brian Head (4.9)
Miller Peak (5.0) to Hualapai (5.6)

I notice that the Mid Volume 6 week Polarised Plan has been updated, it’s possible that some of those changes are being applied to me. Not that worried about the changes (I accepted them) just wasn’t expecting them.

If you are not following a plan, but just doing unstructured ‘workouts’ then just find a TR workout you want for the day and push it to your head unit.

Of course then you will not be doing unstructured rides at that point, you’ll be doing a structured outdoor ride.

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe it’s me and closing in on my 63rd birthday. I finally came to the conclusion that Santa Cruz or Specialized or Trek we’re not going to coming calling to add a 60+ year old athlete to their team not named Ned Overend who is happy in the mid pack

The big reasons I ride is to have fun with my buddies and thrive another day to harasses my wife, and she still loves me, amazing. So training like an animal with a structured plan while it does help me kick my friends butts a few times eats into the energy I have that I could be out playing in the woods or on gravel. I do still enjoy getting on the trainer and leaving a pool of sweat on the floor along with that, damn that was hard feeling.

So if TR sorts out how to integrate a low volume plan that also looks at the work you do unstructured I’d be a happy camper. Ramp test, I could take it or leave it. Worse it’s 5 minutes of WTF, best a fairly reliable assessment of your progress. AT seams to have eliminated the need to do it as often.

I keep listening to the podcast and reading the forum until Amber or Nate say “here you go Doc, what you’ve been asking for”.

@bgoetz there is something to the mental aspect of going deep. But one can pick from a lot of different options to test. Ramps are fine. Go pick a segment somewhere. Do a stretch workout. Something you get a little stressed about being able to do, you know is gonna be really hard, and gives a sense of accomplishment when done.

And don’t over-react if things don’t go as expected. Performance on that assessment does not undo a productive training block.

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