Adaptive Training question

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the Noobie question. I just started using Adaptive Planning and noticed that when you finish a workout, using TR App, it asks you a question about how hard the workout was. I assume this is done to enter some subjective parameter to fine tune the Adaptive Training algorithm to allow it to suggest new workouts accordingly.

My question is: when matching outside or virtual rides, to a specific workout, we don’t get this question. Is adaptive training taking outside/virtual rides into consideration? is there any detriment of doing a workout on Zwift for example instead of doing them on TR App?

Thanks in advance

My understanding is Adaptive Training doesn’t take take outside rides into account as of yet. It works best if you run through planbuilder. The workouts and training plans can be changed as you go then.

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If you’ve matched the outside/virtual ride to a TR workout, you are given full credit towards your progression levels, and you can go in and set a survey response via the web. Open the ride, click the three dots to the right and then “Update Survey Response”.