Zwift Free Ride + Train Now Suggested Rides

The Train Now suggested adaptive rides take into consideration imported Zwift free rides that are synced from Strava.

Yes, TrainNow will use any cycling rides imported into your TrainerRoad Career. Those from Zwift via Strava will be considered for the TrainNow recommended rides.

Thanks Chad

Never knew that, i thought i had to wait for 2.0 for that as well.

That’s great.

Much appreciated.

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Workout Levels 2.0 is needed for Progression Level adjustment.

Mainly what TrainNow is doing is a rough look at intensity and proximity to the current moment.

  • If you had one or more “hard days” recently, the recommendation will likely be an Endurance workout.
  • If you’ve not had a hard one in a couple days or more, it will tend towards one of the hard ones (Climb or Attack).

There is likely more magic to it than that, but overall that is the trend I see when using it. And that includes relative use inside and outside of TR workouts.