Adapting workouts


I’ll be quick - I’m on Sweet Spot Base Vol II which runs T-W and F-S-Sunday.

So I went out on a long ride on Friday outdoors as the weather was brilliant (for London) and skipped the over-unders session due on Friday (McAdie). Today I have a 2-hour endurance session followed by Sweet Spot Intervals on Sunday (Galena).

So what should i do;
Skip todays session and continue with Galena OR McAdie on Sunday?
Continue as normal but may risk not being able to finish Galena on Sunday?

In the future how should I treat ad-hoc long rides on rare and beautiful days


That really depends on the type of ride you did. If you did a lot of intensity, then that can be a substitute for a higher intensity workout (compared intensity factors to judge this). If more endurance / tempo, then usually you would skip a less intense workout.

Also, generally the plans are designed such that the most intense workouts come after a rest day. So it’s best to not skip those and to do them when you are less fatigued. And generally weekend workouts, especially Sunday, are meant to be swappable with outside rides.

Essentially, your training is either limited by the amount of training stress your body can take or time available. If neither is limiting you, then you don’t even have to skip a workout. That said, you have to listen to your body. It’s better to not overdo it this week just to end up missing more workouts later due to fatigue or getting sick from pushing too hard.

If you did a longish ride that ticks the zone 2 box - I would do whatever you can to do McAdie - some of the adaptions you’d get from Galena are covered by the zone 2 ride…well more than those you get from McAdie…I would try and do McAdie first - then Galena the next day - but be ready to bail on the latter if you feel it’s not worth the effort burying yourself!

Thanks for the responses - I decided to move McAdie to Sunday and taking today off as yesterday was a 240TSS long ride so I rather take today off just to ensure I can complete McAdie on Sunday and be fresh for the v02Max session on Tuesday!