Adapting Plan Builder to Accomodate Training Load from other sports

Hi All,

I’m training for a Marathon MTB Pairs Event in late April as an A race with Ard Rock enduro scheduled for summer. I have entered the dates into plan builder and it has me doing sweet spot base etc as I’d expected.

My polar HR monitor and Strava are doing a great job of sending data etc, however this is my dilema… I’m not sure if it’s possible/how to get the plan to adapt to my other activities, I play field hockey on Saturdays and train on a tuesday. This weekend I am playing on Saturday and Sunday so the cummulative load to my plan will see me burn a minimum extra 5k calories and up to 3+hours of intermittent high to low intensity training.

Do I just suck it up and accept that this is bonus fitness or how what do we think I should do to adapt this plan?



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also interested in combining my running with trainerroad