Adapting LV plan for longer workouts?

Hi, a couple of weeks in to my LV plan and wondered is it possible to adjust the schedule so that my 3 workouts are all 90min long? At the moment I have 1 90min and 2 60min workouts scheduled a week, trying to add a day or 2 endurance work where I can. How ever my 3 set days I’m more than happy with 90mins so at the moment I just keep to switching to alternative workouts and changing the duration and picking one I like. But can I not have it scheduled so all my workouts are the length I want?

As of now that’s the best way. Supposedly the change you want is coming in the future.


This is what I do, choose a longer alternative, depending on my outdoor volume (usually 6-10 hours) I will only do 2 TR workouts but do 90 or 120 min alternatives in the same zone.


Another option is to keep the LV planned workout and simply add zone 2 miles at the end.

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