AT and alternates workout duration

I am on a LV plan but on training days I often have enough time to switch out the assigned workout to a longer alternate (say 90 min instead of 60, or 120 instead of 90).
The longer workouts of the same level have a somewhat reduced intensity to make them still manageable.
Now I was wondering if I switched out every single workout to a longer one, does this even give me any training advantage? The progression through the levels would likely be the same as with shorter workouts so I would end up with the same result at the end of the plan but I would be accustomed to a little less intensity. So, no win really? Or do you reckon one would have a better progression through the levels with longer workouts?

Just having that extra time on the bike will be a huge benefit.

You’ll be burning more calories, building underlying fitness and working those cycling related muscles more.

I’m sure someone else can give a much more detailed answer but I do what you do, switch out a workout for a longer, similar PL alternate even if it less intense and think it can only be benefitting me in the long run.

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Nothing is stopping you from choosing stretch workouts to at least close the gap a bit for the intensity difference of long and short workouts.

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