Importing from Strava - Morning Ride

I was just wondering if this is a “feature”, when I upload a outdoor ride to Strava, and sync’s to TR, it always sets the title to “Morning Ride”, instead of what I have named it in Strava.

Anyway to get the names to match?


Hi Dazza,
Mine names it the same as my Strava ride… maybe a setting somewhere?
Good luck in fixing it.

Once your ride uploads to Strava, it immediately exports that version of the ride to TrainerRoad, including the Default Title. It does not update when you change the title unfortunately due to the way the two programs interact :pensive:

Sorry that I don’t have a good solution for you here.


start in the afternoon?

I wish it would take the name I give it on strava too, I only use strava to upload to TR

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It picks up the new name for me. Perhaps make sure you edit it in Strava before opening TR app or refreshing TR browser page?


I mark rides as private by default in Strava. Then i go in and edit title and make public (if I want to - so don’t bother with TR rides for instance). This generally syncs to TR with edited title most of the time.

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I have similar experiences. I go to and edit in Strava first. TR seems to pick up the name change when I go there afterwards.

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Yep, me too. If I change the name on Strava later, it also changes on TR.

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Quick Update:

If I name the ride and press “Save” as soon as the upload is finished, it works great.
If I sit and think about what to name the ride, I get the default “Morning or Afternoon” Ride.


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Mine name updates when I refresh in TR even if I change it later. You can also delete from TR and download gpx file from Strava then upload to TR.