A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

Pbase, same for me. I have about 10 hours of mtb use with my hacked pedals with several pedal strikes and no apparent damage or issues so far.


Good evening everyone do you know if the Shimano XT PD-M8100 SPD Pedals are comparable?

Favero Assioma Shi’s work well with my 10 year old PD-M520s.


I got two sets of Assioma Shi Duo. Both sets malfunctioned.

My pedals are Shimano PD-EH500. Bought brand new.

Got a new set of Assioma Shi. Installed smoothly without any problem but Assioma did not work. I contacted Favero. They decided to send me a new set of Assioma Shi. This time, the set worked for one day and failed on the next day. I contacted Favero again and provided as much info as I could. Today they came back saying that I used incompatible pedals so it would not be covered by warranty. I need to pay them to purchase a new set.

All I did was pulling out the original spindles from the pedals and put Assioma Shi in. The fit was 100% perfect.

Symptoms of the first set of Assioma Shi:

After installation, calibration was essentially impossible. Maybe I could get one successful calibration in 50 tries. Even if the calibration worked, power readings would be intermittent and incorrect. When there’s a power reading, it’s way too high like 1000+ watt while I felt I was only doing 100w. Cadence worked fine.

Symptoms of the second set of Assioma Shi:

Calibration worked most of the time. However, cadence and power readings were intermittent and incorrect. When there’s a power reading, it’s too low.

I need a second opinion please. I’ve tried the following:

  1. adding washers to both sides
  2. calibrating successfully many times in a row (including calibrating through my bike computer, Garmin Edge 830)
  3. re-instailling Assioma Shi
  4. converting to Uno, then back to Duo
  5. flashing to the latest firmware, of course

I have exhausted my options except installing them in another set of pedals. I can probably try this. I just don’t feel the official response from Favero makes sense.

This is very strange. Mine worked perfectly.

hello! has anybody tried using Look xtrack or xtrack race pedals for this hack? would love to hear some feedback

were you able to fit xtracks into the assiomas?