Favero Assioma Users

Got my pedals on the way, how have other users liked theirs so far, and how have they tracked against your other power sources? Has anyone had issues where power metrics have been oddly different? I saw a few comments on DCR site that some users reported low power readings, but seems to be fairly isolated.

Anyway, just looking to get some general feedback from users of the Faveros about their experience. Excited to get dual sided power!

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It’s a bit late now lol


Mine track quite close to my tacx neo , about 7-10 w lower .

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I think almost all issue are sorted out by now but here are three good reads:

I certainly love mine.

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No complaints. At all.

Who cares if they read low? As long as power is consistent. That’s not to say I think they are low. But if it gives consistent reliable readings, that’s what’s most important.

Reading low isn’t what they should do. If anything, they should read higher than a NEO.

These are the ones I was looking at where they read lower than others, the again these graphs are from 2017 so this may have been remedied by now

I`m happy with them. Have the Duo, so PM on both sides. I´ve tracked them against a Stac Zero Halcyon Smart trainer and a Tacx Neo. For the Stac I can say: up to 150w the Assioma are about 10w higher and from 150-250w they both have a similiar output and everything above 250w they were max. 30w lower than the Stac. 250w is around my ftp, so training with assioma really knocked me down. I could also compare them with the Tacx Neo. And the Tacx Neo was from low to top 10-15w lower than the assioma.

In my opinion the release of the cleets is quiet harder than on other pedals. You can adjust it, but it is even on the loosest point still very hard to get out of them. But this is just my “feeling”. A friend has them too and he does not have this feeling. But the diff in power output was fpor his pedals the same for the stac zero.

With latest update you can see a lot of the cycling dynamics stats for Garmin in their app. Would be cool to see some stats of that in the TR app as well.

I have a pair of DUOs for over a year now.
I came from a pair of P1’s and the power was quite the same.

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I use mine over a year and am very happy with them. Power seems very consistent to me, but I don’t compare my numbers with friends or quarks or neos.
What I really love, compared to the vectors, is the hustle-free charging,

Assioma DUO set I have here track very well against all other known-good sources of power. Just the other day they tested almost 1:1 with a new Quarq DZero DUB spider. 100s of comparative tests performed with them. I trust what I’m seeing.

Power discrepancies reported vary from “My mate was sitting on 200W and I was doing 240W… these are off” though to proper test protocols performed indoors. There’s no common theme of Assioma reading incorrectly. Trainers on the other hand… there’s a lot involved in making sure they’re right. Time travel back to 2017 seems to be the answer this year for accurate trainers. :wink:


Hearing it from members here is good, hearing it from you is great, thanks for chiming in! I’m excited, just nervous for the switch to XPEDO and having to realign my cleats but I’ll manage.

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Switching to Assioma Duos from Stages L-only saw my FTP take a hit. Part of the issue was a slight, but consistent power mismatch between stages and the Assiomas (L only vs L only).

However, the main issue was that the Duos confirmed what I had long suspected - I had a LR imbalance. Turns out it was in the order of ~55/45% in favour of my left leg. Not huge, but enough to have a significant impact on my FTP value measured by the Stages.

I did some trials with the Assiomas and Stages running concurrently and plugged the data into DCRainmakers analysis tool. As an example, let’s say my Assiomas were reporting 300w (165w left + 135w right), at the same time, my stages would be reporting ~330w (2*165w left).

Of course, if someone had a weaker left leg, then Stages would under report and you’d probably see a free FTP bump with the Assiomas.

Having the LR data and being aware of my imbalance has actually helped me to improve it slightly. I don’t ever expect it to get to 50/50, but I’ll take any improvements.

There is a bunch of other data available from the Assiomas and it is very easy to get bogged down in it all. My advice would be not to dive too deep and fill your head with broken biscuits.

Anyway, the bottom line on all this is to forget whatever your old PM was telling you, re-test on the Assiomas, establish your new FTP and move forward.

Remember FTP is just your personal value, it’s not a measuring stick to compare your ability vs other cyclists.


Interesting, I’ve been recording my assioma duos with ant+ on my 935 and bluetooth on my iPhone using trainerroad sinmultaneuosly. When recording on BT using unified L, BT and ant+ readings match. When using LR separately on TR, the readings are 10-12 watts higher for AP and NP than ant+. I’ve opened a ticket with Favero and TR, so far neither have been really helpful. I’m wondering if TR is just doubling L power instead of actually connecting both pedals on BT L/R. thoughts?

I was interested in these as well but had concerns with pedal strikes. Anyone had issues with that?

Good question.

For pairing with the Wahoo I assume they default to ANT+ because that can transmit L/R separately but I heard that they can only do Lx2 if done on BT connection (could be wrong)

I guess for using Powermatch with TR, it’s best to pair with ANT for true combined L/R power values, or can it be done with BT if you set up that “unified L” setting?

I really like mine. No issues whatsoever.

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My wife and I each have a set of the Duos, and I’ve tested both of them against our trainers. I have a Hammer and my wife has a Wahoo Kickr Core. The Duos follow the trainer numbers very closely, within a few watts at most. Who knows about absolute accuracy, but they follow our trainers, which gives us consistent numbers to use indoors and outside.

One feature I like is that there are 4 bright LEDs on each pedal to alert you that the pedals are on. My prior pedals were PowerTap P1s, and the LED was very faint and on the side, so you couldn’t see the LED unless you were stopped and looking at the pedal from the side.

I also prefer having rechargeable pedals rather than replaceable batteries like in my PowerTaps.

On tip: if you use the sleep mode so that the pedals don’t power up when movement is sensed, be sure to bring your power cables with you because you’ll need them to wake up the pedals.


I have had mine for almost a year now and love them. I actually just did the conversion for them to be used with the Xpedo XCR SPD pedal bodies so I can run them on my Gravel and Mountain bike.

I thought they read lower than my quarq a little and contacted Favero about it and they were able to check everything from Italy and confirmed it was accurate and turns out my quarq was running higher than other meters.

Love the rechargable batteries and the ability to switch between bikes.

Very happy with mine. Had them for almost two years and the equivalent of 10-15,000k without any issues. Hardly ever charge them. They track consistent and seem accurate enough but they do read much higher than my trainer at high sweet spot and above. Pretty sure it’s the trainer reading low though, RPE lines up with the Assioma.

The freezing issue has been fixed for a while now.