A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

This is very strange. Mine worked perfectly.

hello! has anybody tried using Look xtrack or xtrack race pedals for this hack? would love to hear some feedback

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were you able to fit xtracks into the assiomas?

I got a reply from Favero that either would void the warranty:

  1. if you use the pedals on a mountain bike
  2. if you use “incompatible” pedals. The only compatible pedals are those listed on their website

I did both at the same time. Therefore I’m on my own.

I would caution readers of this thread that you may be risking your warranty. Also, I’m curious that even if your Assioma works fine, whether the readings are accurate.

I put PD-A520 on the Duo-shi. The shafts measure almost identical in diameter, with the duo-shi being slightly smaller within 0.05-0.1mm between the outer and inner bearing locations. I don’t have to cut up my shoes! There is about 3-4mm clearance between the grips on my shoes and the due-shi pods.

Q-Factor: 66mm
Total Weight: 355g (both spindles and both pedals) (pedals alone weigh 159g)

Let me know if you want to see something specific, I took a fair number of measurements and photos.

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One would assume you’d just tell a little fib and say they were in a compatible set of pedals wouldn’t you? I have mine in some mtb pedals and the readings are almost the same as my kickr

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Thanks for the info. I was trying to help them figure out the exact problem. From your and other people’s experience, perhaps using MTB pedals is fine, but using them on a MTB is the problem. Favero replied to me and said they’re making Assioma for MTB now.

I’ll test the sensors on a road bike and figure out.

They said they’re making an assioma for mtb? Did they give any more details like when that might launch?

Yep, they’re on record saying this. No dates given.

Wild speculation: It’s going to be a lot harder for them to make a native SPD with the current pod. If they were going to do a DUOShi design it’d likely have been released the same time as the DUOShi. I suspect/guess/take-a-punt they’re doing a full redesign with a smaller pod, or no pod. Similar to Rally XC and SRM X-Power. It has been a good few years since the Assioma launched and they’ve been widely successful. I really hope that’s converted into some really cool R&D and eventually more quality products for us to ride!


They did not. They just told me to check their social media from time to time.

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Sounds more like “Zoon” than soon

Figure I can finally chime in here. Did the mod with the XPedo MForce 8, and Shimano XC702 shoes. Pedals swapped in 5 minutes, the shoes did require a little bit of trimming. Doing it again, I’d do it all with a sharp razor blade, dremel made a mess.

The Assiomas and my TacX Neo2T read within 1W of each other reliably over multiple rides. Outside I am using them (so far) for milder non-technical trail riding and training for XCM so haven’t banged them on anything yet.

Super easy, very happy.


No. I had to go with Issi Flash 3s. It was an easy swap and I am very happy with the resulting spd compatible power meter pedals.

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Has anybody tried this with Look X-Track pedal bodies with success?

So when will favero come out with their own spd power pedals since there clearly is a demand for them?

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They’ve hinted a few times publicly they’re working on them. Yet to see anything concrete.


thanks! did the same with ISSI flash 3s. flawless swap

Do you see any concern about data accuracy/consistency? Would you reccomend the combo DUo shi + Es600?

Accuracy I can’t be sure, didn’t compare them with other power meters, though on average they are in the ballpark of the strava estimates. Consistency is ok, even months later. I’m just an amateur, I got them only so I can have the Cycling MAX VO2 on my Garmin profile, and I don’t really care how precise they are. Some of my Ribble GCR rides have power on them, not sure if it’s useful (https://www.strava.com/athletes/2089481).
Good luck.

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Hi. Have you ever tested the pedals in heavy conditions- water, dirt, mud, stones?