ASSIOMA DUO-SHI =>to Shimano SPD mtn/cross pedals

spin off " [A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]]" since this isnt that hack

had some extra time to test fitted the Duo-Shi to some extra pedals i had around:

Bought DUO-SHI to fit the shimano PD-M520 pedals that others said would work
so install and it’s a pefect axel-bearing assembly replacement

days later: rounded up pairs of Shimano PD-M540 and Shimano XTR PD-M959

and they work really well:

  1. the threadrs seem to bottom out and tight into 540+959
  2. they do stick out some, unlike the 520’s
  3. the 520 vs 540 vs 959 bodies are all about the same, in quality and weight
  4. the org 520 axel-bearing assembly is cheaper, threading collar is plastic
  5. the Assiamo (+xpedo?) has a better 3 sealed bearing design than the shimano, (but maybe all you need is the cheaper shimano design?)


Hello David,

Good Job and thank you.

So you do confirm that we can buy both the Assioma Duo-Shi with PD-M540 and assemble them without any problem ?

Thank you,


i would confidently say it will work well with the pedals i have in the pics above.

if i had a choice of M520 vs M540, i would go with 520 with the Duo-Shi. and since they are so cheap on ebay i would stay with the 520s.

once i looked closely at the older xtr vs M540 vs M520, i was amazed how identical the 520 bodies are compare to the more expensive other pairs.

i’ve only had and been on my Duo-Shi/M520 combos for less than 1 month, maybe +15 rides.

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Hi David, qq with the shimano M5xx pedals do you still need to make alterations to the shoes or is there enough clearance?

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i have basic OLD pair of shimano MTN shoes (M077 size 47) and have good clearance, so no modification needed. nor did i need to move my cleats.


Awesome, Thank you for the reply and Pictures it is super helpful, I have a pair of Asioma Duo SHI on the way, and I already have pair of M520 and a pair of Shimano CX3 Size 45, Ill post some pictures once I have everything setup.

white PD-M520 pedals


PD-M520 with Shimano XC3 and Assioma Duo-SHI


How has this set up been workjng out for you? I’m thinking of trying the same set up.

these duo-shi units are as good and reliable as my garmin V3 pedals and Tacx neo trainer. they all pretty close. they all have their posi and neg… i got a good deal on the Duo but the prices look like they went up. but it’s hard to beat being able to switch out the pedal bodies so easily, whenever you want, and try diff types of shimano pedal bodies!


I have a 10 year old pair of m540s on my bike. If I order the duo shi, what tools do I need to remove the current spindles and install the duo shi? And you mentioned preferring the 520s, was that only due to their price?

No special tools needed, a pair of adjustable wrenches will do. I don’t know the specific size but I recall doing the swap in about 10 minutes or less. Just had to make sure I put the correct spindles on the left and right pedals.


Sounds easy! Thx for the fast reply

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Can you measure weight gain from XTR to 520 pedal bodies?

I just did this a few weeks back and you’ll need 17mm and 19mm open end wrenches (or adjustable should work). I did it with M520 pedals and it took a few minutes tops.


You just need a 17mm or 19mm open end wrench. I forget which! One I believe was for the Assioma spindle, the other for the M520 spindle.

The pedal body just unscrews from the spindle.

Can’t speak for other pedals, but I only needed the wrenches for my M520’s.

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ebay china pedals that will work with duo-shi’s $18 (2023.06.03) 2023-06-03T04:00:00Z
ships from USA ebay #325612232425
(SPD Pedals Clipless Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals Dual Platform Multi-Purpose MTB | eBay)

MEH quality, dual spd & flat sided pedals. plastic black body.bearing aren’t bad, stiff but will loosen up. no idea how well these pedals will hold up, am just playing around with stupid cheap fun. i THINK rockbros have identical pedals.

Has anyone tried the conversion and is using Lake MX238 wide shoes? Does it work or does it require modification on my shoe (which I would like to avoid)?

Maybe I missed it up the thread, but did any of you measure the difference in q-factor (stance width) of the Assioma vs the original spindle? My big concern with doing this is increasing the q-factor even more (mountain bikes are already wider most road bikes).