A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

thanks! did the same with ISSI flash 3s. flawless swap

Do you see any concern about data accuracy/consistency? Would you reccomend the combo DUo shi + Es600?

Accuracy I can’t be sure, didn’t compare them with other power meters, though on average they are in the ballpark of the strava estimates. Consistency is ok, even months later. I’m just an amateur, I got them only so I can have the Cycling MAX VO2 on my Garmin profile, and I don’t really care how precise they are. Some of my Ribble GCR rides have power on them, not sure if it’s useful (https://www.strava.com/athletes/2089481).
Good luck.

Hi. Have you ever tested the pedals in heavy conditions- water, dirt, mud, stones?

No, use was on gravel roads. Road spray but no submersion or super muddy use.

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Thanks again for the schematic. Did the CXR conversion today with Loctite and everything seems to be working as expected. Power numbers in line with stock, including L/R balance and PCO :+1:

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As informed by the manufacturer, all electronic components

are sealed resin mold: * The bicomponent resin block, fully watertight and shock-proof, in which all the electronic components of the sensor are immersed and protected.
It would be interesting to learn, if power meters can survive in really harsh conditions.


After hacking a pair of iSSi Flash III’s for my MTB I’ve decided to try the same stance width on my gravel bike. Anybody have a set of 64.5mm iSSi Flash III spindles they are willing to sell or maybe trade for a set of the 52.5s or 58.5s spindles? Thanks.

I’ve been debating getting the XC200 for while on my gravel bike but ended up getting a pair of ISSI III to hack my current Favero. Hope this turns out ok!

Main question, is it easy to revert to swap back and put the road pedals bodies back?

Just bought a replacement set of bearings for Duo-Shi pedals. Noticed after about 5 rides a “tiny” bit of play on the pedal axle. And torqued everything to spec when I did the bearing replacement. Assuming I can just re-tighten then. Curious how much play is considered normal in others’ experience.

I know this thread is a bit long in the tooth but for the favero duo-shi hack…do you really need two sensors? Meaning could I just buy a replacement ‘shi’ from favero and put it in one pedal…kinda like how you can buy a single or dual sided favero road pedals?

So I’m not sure where to put this, but is anyone having a problem with the pedal body coming loose from the spindle? I noticed some play in it yesterday and after spinning by hand a couple times could pull the body off.

Really concerned right now.

A little more info is needed.

  • Is this a stock out of the box favero pedal?
  • Is this a modified Favero and if so what pedal body, and how was it assembled (bearings, washers etc)?
  • How many miles are on it?
  • Was the end cap and retaining nut missing?

Ah sorry. So this is after doing the hack using CXR pedals.

Assioma spindle
CXR o ring
CXR body
Assioma retainer nut
CXR dust cap

I tightened it Tuesday night and did a short Cyclocross ride Wednesday. 8 miles and the body is loose.

I’m going to try to add loctite tonight.