Favero Shimano Pedals are OFFICIAL

Great news with the recent release of the Garmin SL pedals!


anyone know if the spindles between SPD-SL and SPD are the same? More precisely, the XT pedal body and whatever this is going to be. I don’t use road cleats so am not familiar enough with them.

It looks like only the pedal bodies are spd sl compatible. I am assuming the spindle interface stays identical as is now.

Would be great if existing Assioma users could simply purchase Shimano SPD-SL pedal bodies.

Don’t think this has been confirmed officially. Fingers crossed!


Different spindle


Certainly doesn’t look like you can convert a standard to Shimano unless the Shimano spindle somehow fits over the original - I am not familiar with the dimensions but this seems unlikely.

The existing Favero pedals secure the body of the pedal to the spindle via a nut at the outer edge of the pedal body. This leads to a longer spindle needed.

The Shimano Favero pedals look to secure the pedal body via threads on the inside edge of the spindle. Shimano pedal bodies taper and get thinner towards the outer edge which is why the spindle looks to end about 2/3 of the way through the pedal body

That being said I had Shimano pedals before I went to the Assioma and the LOOK style is just fine. Sure the SL cleats are slightly easier to walk in, but it’s not enough to make me sell my existing setup and run out to buy a new one


While the shimano spindle is wider than the expedo/favero one it is feasible that they could retrofit some kind of sleeve over the original spindle, held on by that nut on the end, but I agree it looks too short also. I’m 90% sure it will be a whole new spindle.


Either way the Q-factor of the favero shimano pedals look like its going to be a fair bit wider than standard shimano pedals for those who care for such things.

pics are favero shimano spindle - standard shimano pedal - dura ace spindle

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Having repacked quite a few SPD and SPD-SL pedals, many share compatible parts and threading, but I’m unsure about axle lengths. I’m interested in hearing if anyone has measured that too.

I think it is going to be something like this. The “nut” can be as long as needed. The Q factor will probably be wider, which may or may not be an issue, as it needs to account for the pod. I’m not sure about the stresses on the spindle, so who knows.

Oh man!
I just got assiomas not 2 months ago!
And I HATE the cleats!
Give me some shimano!!!


@dcrainmaker just published his review of the pedals. $589 in the USA for just the spindles as you supply the pedal bodies and install them.


Looks like this is what they have done but we cant to the same at home…shame.

Seems like their site is down! I’m smashing the refresh button. I want these bad! Annoying that you have to swap the pedal bodies yourself :roll_eyes: but still worth it. Anyone able to get through to their website?

I assume that most people who will want these will want them precisely because they already have SPD-SL pedals so having to do the swap - and saving a load of cash - probably isn’t a big deal.

What do people think about the Q-factor issue? Comments on the GPLama video seem drastically concerned about the increased Q-factor.

From a ride feel perspective i don’t think many people would notice - I would worry that you may be more likely to pedal strike going around corners? Not sure if that is a valid concern?

I’m assuming these are only a spindle because Favero didn’t get/buy the licensing to sell Shimano pedals or equivalent, so it’s either a 10 minute swap job on the consumer’s end, or pay an extra $600 or so to have it done for you in the form of Garmin Rally.

I know which way I’d go