A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

Not here. All mine are still together.

Oh, @grenhall has a pair that don’t work any more. Maybe a good candidate for ripping one apart.


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It shouldn’t? Mine doesn’t. Did you take the bearing race from the M-Force and replace the one from the Assioma?

I did the exact same as in the GPLama video at first. Noticed that small play, then I used the retainer/seal with the toric joint from the x pedo and the end cap of the favero assioma. That combination seemed to reduce even more the play and offers better protection IMO. But still I notice a really small play.

Did you take the whole bearig set from the assiomas and put it in the x pedo or did you do the same as me ?

Toric joint?

I used the bearing race from the condo, and the spd body. I didn’t change the bearings.

In gplama’s video he used the race from the Assioma. I did not. I used it from the Xpedo. That alloy race moved with the Assioma pedal, and I used the race from the Xpedo. I also used the Xpedo end cap. The interface to the bearings are slightly different.

Also, since you mentioned toric joint. There’s no o-ring that I recall. However, the old Xpedo M-Force pedals were not the triple bearing configuration. They were like the other pedals in this thread, that people used, that were not triple bearing. I believe that one has an o-ring, but I can’t quite recall. I do have the older M-Force pedals as well as the newer triple bearing one.

Has anyone tried this out with the Xpedo Ambix? The TRVS DUO pedal isn’t grippy enough to safely use flat-pedal shoes.

I’m still loving this hack! I went with the CXR pedals. They work great and I find them very easy to clip into and out of but I have a bad squeak that I can’t seem to get rid of. I used the Shimano 51 cleats. Using the same pair of shoes and cleats (Sh-51) on Shimano M530 pedals, there is no squeak.

Is everyone else converting to the Xpedo cleats? Is anyone else getting this squeak (and if so, which cleats are you using)?

Ok, no response so let me ask a different way…if you are NOT getting a squeak, what cleats are you using?

No, those cleats suck. I use Shimano cleats and my Shimano pedals squeak like crazy.

Squeaking is life on all SPD. I haven’t had one that doesn’t squeak eventually. Hit it with some lube on the cleat and the pedal. Some use bike lube, some use silicone lube. WD-40 works for me, at least for a little while.

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Weird, I’ve been using SPD pedals for years and never experienced this.

That is weird. All my pedals squeak. Shimano. I primarily use Shimano shoes with Shimano cleats. My riding buddies have the same issues, they were the ones who told me to spray lube on it.

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No squeak here. I’m using the Shimano SH-56 cleats with the M4 pedal bodies.

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I’m using the Xpedo cleats with CXR pedals - no squeaking, works fine.

I tried Shimano SPD cleats but they were harder to get out of, it felt like something was grabbing when I unclipped.

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Are there any pedals that are still being sold that work with the Assioma spindle? Pretty much all of the ones mentioned in this thread seem like they’re sold out.

CXR, Trvs Duo, Baldwins, M-Force 4, I’m having trouble finding any of these (and I’m starting to get tired of waiting for the more expensive SRAM X-Power).

The M-Force 4 is discontinued, so that one will be hard if not impossible to find. I’m pretty sure it works with the M-Force 8 as well, but they are pricey. The CXR and Baldwin are in stock on Xpedo’s website in a few colors, so it should be possible to find them somewhere if not direct from them.

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You could investigate this option and report back :wink: