Assioma Hack and Mud and Water - Report from The Mid South (a/k/a LandRun)

After reading about the Assioma pedal hack and watching Shane’s video, I promptly ordered some (with a Clever Training discount) and some Xpedo pedals and completed the hack for my gravel bike. I’ve been riding them for quite awhile now and they have been working flawlessly but admittedly they really hadn’t been through tough condition. Mostly dry and dusty rides with one or two short rain showers.

A few weeks ago though I put them through the ultimate test at Mid South (a/k/a LandRun). If you don’t already know it was an absolute shit-show of a rain and mud year. I think less than 50% finished and I ultimately DNF’d at 65 miles (7:30 of clock time). I feel like I could have finished but doing the math in my head there was no way I was going to be able to finish before dark and I have horrible night vision and didn’t have lights with me. So, when I saw one of the SAG 4x4 Jeeps at 65.1 miles I promptly got in.

Anyways, as I mentioned the rain and mud were legendary this year. There were many parts that were simply unrideable which required hike-n-bike and a few times I nearly lost my shoes in the mud. Here’s a pic of my bike after the race. You can see that it’s covered in stick red clay peanut butter mud, including the pedals and the Assioma pods. I’m happy to report that the pedals worked great without any issues throughout the day and continue to work perfectly.


Wow, kinda surprised no one was interested in this enough to comment given all the excitement (and skepticism) of the pedal hack a few months ago. Oh well…

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I was psyched about your post but didn’t have anything constructive to add so just gave it a thumbs up. Glad to hear they survived with no ill effects. I haven’t even used mine outside yet since doing the conversion.


Awesome to hear this! I’ll be looking to try this assioma pedal hack for my upcoming clocrosss season as my new bike is going to double for cx and gravel.

Looks like those are CXR’s, right?

Would be great if you could confirm what “bits” (washers, bearings, nuts, etc.) you used installing them? (On the Assioma thread, someone mentioned a need to discard one of the washers…)


Correct, they are CXR’s. I posted my experience doing the hack on the other thread (Jan 8th) but this how I did it.

"Assioma spindle --> CXR o-ring --> CXR pedal body --> Assioma end nut --> CXR dust cap.

Everything is tightened to 9Nm and spins freely. I initially tried using the Assioma inside washer (too tight) as well as the Assioma dust cap (too tight)."

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I’d be cautious about doing for a CX bike. Your pedals will take more of a beating than just when riding gravel bike. There’s the possibility that you could damage the Assioma pod.

I dunno. I work at a bike shop in Oklahoma and the bikes I’ve seen come in after the midsouth ride this year took waaaay more of a beating than my cross bike did last season. Yes it’s a gamble utilizing the assioma pod on any off-road bike. So far from I’ve read/heard from others using it on mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and gravel bikes makes me optimistic about trying it. I’m more concened about finding an expedo off road pedal that I’d like using for cyclocross as far as disengaging and reengaging after a dismount.

Thanks so much for the explicit detail of your setup and the proof of its success. I really was nervous to not use the washer until setting this. Now it’s full speed ahead