A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

If you’re worried about 52/48 balance that is completely normal. The other values I have no idea what they’re supposed to mean but 52/48 is normal.

Assiomas will do L/R balance over bluetooth with compatible apps if you’re on firmware newer than late 2018.

New Favero Assioma Firmware Adds Full Zwift Bluetooth Smart Compatibility, Additional Features


Yeah but there aren’t a plethora of apps that support this. :slight_smile: Does TR even?

I finally managed to get out for a ride since doing the conversion. I did it with just a spare axle and charging clip, which saved me a good chunk of cash. So far so good, power figures seem about right (my first PM so no frame of reference though). I’ll wait and see if thread lock is needed after a couple more rides.

Nice, I got mine done over the weekend. I only got the axle too, rather than the whole pedal. Power numbers seem fine.

I doubt I will need any threadlock.

Really, really important data point…

CXR pedals work spot on as beer bottle openers. Important discovery during a time of great need this past weekend.

And no, I did not record the power of said operation.


I’m trying to figure out if the Bontrager Comp MTB Pedal Set works for this since I can’t find the Xpedo pedals in stock around me. All Bontrager’s spec says about the bearing type is that it’s sealed.

Has anyone tried or knows if the conversion will work with these?

More info about the pedals here.

now that my new bike has a PM and my old bike is relegated to being the indoor training beast, I’m thinking of converting the assiomas to put on my CX/commuter

These look like they’d do the trick properly! Thanks for sharing

This has probably been asked before but I couldn’t find anything via search. Any idea if Favero are working on an SPD pedal themselves? Would seem a smart move for them.

They keep pretty quiet, so no word. They’ll need to trim down the pod if they want to release an SPD pedal that won’t require shoe modifications.

another successful application:

Same issue as others, can’t torque the inner bolt to the recommended value.
i’m going to first test drive it tomorrow, and if all is fine, i’ll apply blue loctite, if I have understood correctly the recommendation here :slight_smile:


Looks great!

Absolutely do that. I had a near-miss by not doing so, and probably worth sharing here.

I did not apply loctite as I was just testing them out and ended up going back to the keo pedals. Put the bike on car roof rack - the right pedal must have caught some wind just right and spun the inner nut completely off. I got lucky that it fell off the bike on my bumpy driveway coming home, and I heard it hit my roof! Could have been much worse if on the road at speed for both my car and any windshield or tire behind me.


Thanks for that. I’ve done it this morning, now letting it cure.
It’s really a shame that we just can’t torque the nut enough :confused:

Reading through, it seems the CXR is the safe bet for this conversion, how have people found the platform/stability? I want to do this and use one set for three bikes, but that means hard intervals on the turbo sometimes too, would they be suitable for this? Coming from SPD-SLs and not much off road experience (yet) :smile:

I went to the CXR from Shimano M530. They work great and I find them very easy to clip into and out of. They’re a great power meter solution. I do have a bad squeak going on. Not sure if it’s the pedals with any cleat or it’s just the interface with my Shimano cleats, but it’s annoying.

I find they don’t provide as much support as the larger M530 platform and the ball of my feet will get sore over time. I’ve asked for the Baldwin’s for Christmas to try the larger pedals.

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Hi. It was interesting to read discuss. But seems to me Dcrainmaker.com open a reason Why it doesn’t matter size of pedals with Favero spindle:
To that end, Favero does have an explanation:

“For the moment, we have decided not to include the PCO Dynamic, since part of the resources that would be used to return
this parameter with such precision as to make it really useful for the analysis of the position of the foot are currently used in
the IAV Power accuracy assurance system.

So, even if technically possible, we preferred not to implement this metric. Instead, we kept all the resources employed to
ensure the accuracy of power measurement with any style of pedaling. We believe that this is the best choice and more faithful
to our motto “Ride Hard Facts”. We certainly do not rule out the implementation of other advanced metrics.”

Sorry if I miss something…

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Mike, you are a genius !

I just converted my pair of assiomas into a fine pair of power meter gravel pedals thanks to you.

I used the M Force 4 pedal bodies and everything went smoothly, I did not have any problem to tight the M6 nut to the specified torque, the pedal spins beautifully.

I am now waiting for the Fizik Terra X5 size 45 shoes I have bought to check if they need modification. Can’t wait for it !

Anyways a question for other people that used the M Force 4 body : I just noticed the pedal has a tiny bit of side play and wondered if you guys had the same ? Did cause any issues ?


I never did try this myself. Never really liked the look of the M Force bodies - there’s nothing to stop the nose of the cleat catching under the back of the mechanism.

Glad you like the hack though.


Does anyone know what arrangement of strain gauges Favero have used in the Assioma pedals? All I know is that there are 8 gauges per spindle and I can’t find any information from someone who has pulled one apart.

@GPLama, @dcrainmaker ?


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