A Time Trialing Thread

Think the caveat is that you might not be able to get into your best position on every frame.


You can get some long screws for the plastic insert that hold a Garmin or Wahoo. I then would bolt a gkat plate to the bottom and attach a new Garmin mount to the plate further forward.

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The irony that this is coming from the guy who quit his team in the middle of the Tour, and before the TT that he was favored to win, because he felt his equipment wasn’t good enough.



To be fair I seem to recall the equipment in question on that occasion was the skinsuit, so it is at least higher up his own list of priorities.

I’m pretty sure it was the bike….rarely will teams insist on sponsor correct clothing when they can just as easily have Biosport or other company produce skinsuits in whatever team design is requested. Teams did that for years.

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Yeah, I remember he rode a blacked out BMC at worlds that year because it wasn’t sponsor correct.

There’s way more to a teams time trial setup that just frame, probably upset about a few things, I remember skin suit as well. Bahrain has really improved their tt since then.

He was without a team at that point, IIRC, so he could ride any bike he wanted…but you are right, he rode the blacked out BMC because he didn’t like his old Merida.

I remember at the time when all the reports were coming out thinking “You just signed for this team and you knew who their equipment sponsor was and now you are bitching about the equipment you knew you were gonna ride?”

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Anyone had a look at these yet? https://www.fasttt.bike/tt-aero-bars/

One of the local track pursuit guys is running them, but I haven’t seen them in person. Price seems to be on par with Aerocoach.


I’ve seen that setup around on social media. They look great but I would like to see some flexibility within the setup like arm pad width length adjustment.


My thoughts exactly. The fact that the arm pad area bolts directly to the riser really limits fit options imo.

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Has anyone on here ever gone with a hydration bladder down the skinsuit for longer TT’s?

Got a 100 next weekend and weighing up options.

i know bladder down the front has no effect on aero, going to trial it tonight to see how it feels but can already see it annoying me.

i have a giant trinity so have the front bottle thing but my computer/lights etc get in the way meaning i can’t refill it on the move.

considering a slim line hydration back pack like an USWE

or a trail running vest like a salomon that has capacity for a bladder

Does anyone else have any other solutions?

I done it for a 30 as a test before a 50miler this year. it seemed to work fine.

I’ve read of the Aero Belly effect :joy:

This was my Aero Belly :joy: :joy:

OT I went with the 35mm front as its tubeless, should I go for a deeper section with a latex tube :thinking:

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Those clip on thingies for your saddle rails are no option for you? They should have very little effect on aerodynamics (neither positive or negative) and you can carry like 1.5l additionally there.

Yes, absolutely.


I do it all the time. I just use a 2l bladder and it works great.


The three most aero options are aerobelly, between the arms or behind saddle, and if you want to drink safely without breaking aero, some kind of straw. The first time i did a hundred, i jury-rigged a 1.8l platypus bladder between my arms. This had the added aero benefit of closing the gap between my arms. It worked really well, could share more if anyone’s interested,

I’m really not a fan of the aerobelly. It stretches your expensive skinsuit, sags, migrates downhill (!!) and is about as much fun as you’d expect going for a ride with a massive jelly down your jersey. Some folks sew a pocket into the front of a vest to hold the thing better.


Yes, interested in the between the arms platypus, it might be something i give a go over the next week

Not a fan of behind the saddle, dont trust the bottle not to eject and be stuck without on a race.

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Just picked up a 1.8l platypus for fuelling a 100 so would be interested in this. Was planning to get someone to sew a pocket on a vest but I’m hesitant to stuff it under a decent skinsuit.

Why are you hesitant to stuff it in the suit? Sure you look pregnant but as the race goes the belly gets smaller. I’ve done numerous 100 mile TT rides and never felt uncomfortable or had an issue with my suit stretching.