A Time Trialing Thread

Wait what the overshoes cost £2.7k aswell? :rofl:
I was going to contact them about getting a stock size overshoe with all their aero magic. Figured it can’t cost more than like £800. Ow well…

Overshoes are 600p. Seems the custom skinsuit is 2750, but the off the shelf version is 3000.

If we’re talking a small ring just for training….one of the guys I race with has a 1x bug ring and then a small ring inboard of it. No front derailleur. He just moves it over by hand for easy training. I think he said he can move it over on the move as well but it’s not like he ever does it during a race.

I really like the chain line with my 1x setup, 58x13, 14, and 15 and I’m right in the sweet spot for my speed and terrain but obviously 1x isn’t going to work for everybody, probably not even the majority.


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I have my first TT of the season this Sunday and thought about installing the 58T 1x I bought during winter. But as its only a 2.5km section that you go out and back on 5x I will stick to my current 2x setup. Not because I think I will use the inner chainring, but accelerating out of so many U-turns sounds like a grind on a 58T, the 2x system at least only got a 56T.

[quote=“Joe, post:1051, topic:46868”]
If we’re talking a small ring just for training….
[/quote] I am certainly not talking a small ring for training. I need both to climb short hills and then to get onto flatter sections and can get up to full speed.

[quote=“Joe, post:1051, topic:46868”]
I think he said he can move it over on the move as well but it’s not like he ever does it during a race.
[/quote] On the move GOODNESS!!! Seriously? (certainly not in a race!)

Bradley Wiggins dropped a chain in a TT back in the day and managed to lift it back onto the ring in the race with his hand. I looked for the clip on youtube but couldn’t find it. He made it look easy!


Just to be clear… I am NOT Bradly Wiggins!!! (and he was probably on a closed course - not on a busy DC!!!)

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Interesting, I’m only in the small ring for the turbore/ rollers and the occasional spinning session s that could work for me. I think I prefer the security of a derailleur though after the last chain I saw coming off was on a 1x and it got wedged in hard behind the crank (I’m not quite sure how as the chain was tight though and it never done it again once fixed :thinking: )

I am one FD Adapter and one chain away from a very fast bike :eyes::eyes:
And a little cleaning up the cockpit.


Pedals might help too :smile:

Its a fast bike, it doesn’t need pedals :wink:

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More aero without pedals.


Nice bike - needs a chain though!

I can only share my experience but with a “1X chainring”, I’ve never dropped a chain. On any bike…TT, road, cross, XC mtb, and gravel…and the gravel bike made it to the end of a 340 mile race in 2016 with no chain problems.

If I were to have reservations about the 1X chain on my TT bike I’d definitely stick with a regular front derailleur and 2 rings. The aero drag between the FD and a chain guide can’t be much and the 2nd ring won’t add any. Furthermore the weight is a complete nonissue on any course where you’d run a proper TT bike. And the benefits (good for training, can actually ride hills, can go on an easy ride, and possibly (though debatable), better chainline) are many.

I mean, it’d be difficult to make a case for a 3X setup on your TT bike but 1X and 2X both have their places.



Wait a sec, didn’t you just get a new shiv like a few weeks ago??

I just bought a specialized, but not the shiv. That’s from early 2020.

Switching to the Cervelo as your permanent TT bike? Curious about your thoughts on the Shiv vs P5

I will share them, as soon as I have gathered experience with the bike.
It should definitely be faster in a straight line.

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I think I mentioned a while back that someone I know did some testing of the P5 and ShivTT and found that the P5 was ~5-7w faster in a straight line than the Shiv. I find it interesting that Ronald Kuba has also gone from a Shiv TT to a P5 as his interim bike while he’s waiting for his Factor Hanzo. P5 was on my short list when I was building up my latest TT bike (ultimately ended up with a Shiv TT), so I’m interested to hear your feedback as you get some time on it.

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Just listened to the Jens and Bobby interview of Rohan Dennis. They asked him about top tech tips for improvement (and ignored position). He answered “1) Position”.

Then he listed tech things from least difference to most

  1. Frame
  2. Wheels and tyres
  3. Helmet & Skinsuit
    Most effective… position.

Then he said, once when he changed teams, they took the old team’s frame and new team’s frame and tested them with everything else swapped over and the same position. Guess what. No difference. (before you ask he did not name teams or frames).

Having faffed around with a potential frame swap, I will keep my money in my pocket for now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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