Searching for Annotations [Feature Request]

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn’t find it. How do I search for Annotations I have made on my calendar? E.g. I noted when I changed the batteries in my Garmin V3 pedals so I can see how long they last between changes.


I don’t think you can. Which is a huge issue with the system.

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Marking this as a feature request! Thanks for bringing this up, I can see how this would be super useful. :+1:


I would love to be able to search for anything on the calendar: like search workout names, rides over 3 hours, outdoor rides, etc.

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Yup, searching on the Calendar is something that would be really handy.

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…search for past events, all ramp tests, etc.

sorry @AdyP for hijacking the feature request

One option that may work for some of your needs, if you are looking for info related to completed rides and workouts:

  1. Open the “Past Rides” page under your TR “Career” page.
  2. Enter some search terms in the box. These could be the event name, workout name, general terms used in your completed “Ride Notes” and such.
  3. Consider using the “Type” or “Zones” filters as appropriate. These are new to me and something I welcome as a new feature. :smiley:


I didn’t know that search box existed! Thanks!

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