Thank you TR for an excellent product!

I’m just finishing up Base and my fitness has appreciated greatly since joining TR. I did the mid-volume SS base (1&2). I did not follow the plan 100%: replaced workouts for alternative workouts , but the consistency and the progressive ramping of TSS was a huge game changer. My fitness level at 47 is better now than at 35 and the hours are reduced by 5+. And as an aside, I did not ride haphazardly a decade ago. But, and this is the most important, most of my fitness gains came from “fast” group rides and while I enjoy them immensely and would rather ride with actual people, from a purely training standpoint, they are limited in scope for specific physiological adaptations.

Looking forward to Build (short-midvolume) and doing some Track racing.

Regarding numbers: At my fittest in my mid-late 30’s I had an FTP of 300-310 at 160-165lbs. I have not done my next ramp test before build but FTP is 260-270 (ish)- at 169lbs. I’m more concerned with my short power duration curve and anaerobic capacity. My physiology leans “sprinter” type.

Thank you TR for providing an excellent product and for hosting a wonderful TR community.


Thanks so much! We’re so happy to be a positive and contributing part of your progress :muscle:.