Your TrainerRoad Results

What has TrainerRoad done for YOU lately? :man_shrugging:

Guess since I started this thing I’ll go first…

My power improvements since I joined in Sept 2018:

5min +13%
20min +19%
30min +38%
45min +25%
60min +25%

In 6 months of TR training, I have transformed my:

5s power into my 3min power
30s –> 6min
1min –> 8min
5min –> 10min
10min –> 30min
20min –> 50min
30min –> 3hr

Two caveats:
i) I was a pretty flabby man-baby when I started, and
ii) I have no idea if this means I’m doing anything right.


5 min +7.7%
20 min +6.8%
45 min +1.8%
60 min +7.1%
90 min +7.0%
The 45 minute outlier was interesting. I can’t go back to 2016 because I was using virtual power back then. I will be 61 in May. My ftp has gone from 251 to 264.


I’d say judging by your numbers that you’re doing everything right. :slight_smile:

You’re faster and expect that your overall health and fitness have improved as a side effect. Congratulations :champagne::tada::balloon:and keep getting after it.

If only I knew. I started with an FTP of 189 in Fall 2017 and am now at 257. But my power curve really doesn’t say much before I start racing because I’ve been following structured workouts for the last 25 or so weeks, so not much opportunity to test the short-power range.

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