Trainerroad rocks

A note for those just getting started or possibly in a bit of a funk. I started w/ TR in late fall 2019 after being off the bike for several years. What I consider basic endurance workouts now or easy stuff was all I could handle at the time. Was riding with casual groups and hanging on for dear life on C group rides. I now can handle all workouts on calender although some are quite challenging as they should be and don’t have anxiety when looking forward at future workouts. I can no longer ride with C groups unless it’s a recovery ride and feel very strong during significantly faster B/B plus group rides(non in past few weeks). Intention here is not to brag but just to give encouragement to any who may be struggling and give a huge thumbs up to TR and the community surrounding it including those on this forum. It’s so nice to go out on tough rides with lot’s of climbing and feel good both during and afterwards. Keep up the great work both on and off the trainer guys! TR has helped me reach my short term goals and make my future ones much more challenging.