A big thank you

Just wanted to say Thank You to TR for the “Build Your Training Plan”. I never followed a specific training plan but I had a 9.5-mile Time Trial for July 29. TR developed a training plan that I followed and had a very successful TT, (for me).
Early October I have a long ride planned and TR has built me another plan. Looking forward to starting my plan.
Frank B


Nice work :sunglasses:

Where was your TT ?
What was your eventual time versus your expected / targeted time?

Some background - I am 69 years old and ride my bike for fitness not any racing.
I did the TT on a Road Bike.
The TT was outside of Albany NY.
A rolling out and back course.
Limited to 40-riders with 30-seconds start between each rider.
I was hoping for 17.0 mph did 18.1 mph - which I was very happy with.
The whole TT process was intimidating at first but once you understand it it just a measure of your fitness and you are not racing anyone - it was a lot of fun.


That is awesome - well done!!! Show us young fellas, 43, we can always get faster!

Fantastic - excellent work :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

I should have mentioned that:

  • All workouts from the plan were done outside
  • I used RPE as the main training tool
    There was a TR article on training with RPE and pushing all the rides from the plan to outside. I found this very useful.