Thank you TrainerRoad!

I thought of giving credit to TrainerRoad for the improvements I achieved this extraordinary handbike racing season which ended last weekend for me.

I created the plan for this season last autumn when anyone of us didn’t have a clue on what was looming globally racing-wise etc. using the Plan Builder. So, I set the targets for some races, which eventually got cancelled / postponed, and even the only race we eventually had got postponed to the last weekend.

This was basically the first time I was able to follow the plan quite closely, not having much of flus and so on. When the initially planned races got cancelled, the plan had to be revised. But that was easy, and the changes were not so dramatic that it would have impacted the fitness that much.

During the summertime in Finland I have been mostly doing the outside workouts using a Garmin head unit, and they have been a very good addition to my training.

During the taper week before the races, things started to feel REALLY good, and I knew my fitness was improving well. I took it a bit easier than what was on the plan, but not that much. Last weekend we had the nationals, and we had a ca. 15km TT and a 30km RR, both of which were quite a lot shorter than the UCI sanctioned race distances. I was a bit like “hmmm…., let’s see how this goes”. But, both races went really well result-wise, and when compared to my current FTP (131W) used in TrainerRoad.

I came second on both races, and in the TT my time was 28:20 with the avg. power of 142W. But the better comparison is the RR. My time was 58:09 with the avg. power at 124W and the NP at 133W. So to me the FTP estimate by TR seems to be quite close to what I’m able to do ATM.

We had the nationals at the same routes in 2017, and now I was able to improve my time on the TT for about five minutes, and on the RR for about nine minutes. So, to me it seems that TrainerRoad really makes you faster if you stick to the plan. :blush:


Congratulations! great work! You should contact @Jonathan for a spot on the “Successful Athletes Podcast”

We’ll see. :grinning: My main point on this thread is to thank TrainerRoad, but also to show that the plans work not only for a “regular” cyclist or a triathlete, but also for a hand-cyclist.