Proof TR works!

Today was my “A” race for the year. I’ve competed in this race for the last five years. It’s a 53 mile mtb race in southern Missouri that is just a blast to participate in. Last year was “supposed” to be my year to break the 5 hour mark. I’ve been hitting all around it for a couple of years and made it to 5:11 in 2017. Last year there were some extenuating circumstances and I clocked in @ 5:25.
This year, despite some medical issues, I was determined to break into the 5 hour club. I’ve been a TR user for ~2 years now and have used largely low volume plans. With more than a little trepidation I made the jump to MV cross country marathon. I had great fitness from my previous plan and local race series coming into my specialty plan.
The m5v plan actually worked and felt much better than I thought it may. The old body was able to handle the tss increase without too much complaining.
Fast forward to race day. My goal was to make it into the 5 hr club, but I was secretly hoping to hit 4:45. I had a clean race and sprinted a team mate to the line for a 4:37 finish. (I beat him)
I know that not all training systems or programs work for everyone, but TR works for me!
My stoke level is high right now!


Nice work and congrats!

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That’s so awesome to here. Great job!

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:sunglasses: congratulations

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Pat yourself on the back.

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Awesome work!! Thanks for sharing your story with us.


Congrats! But it´s not only TR that works. They just give you the plan, but every plan needs someone who follows :smiley: be proud on yourself!


Congrats and now you need an award… Go and buy yourself a new bike :clap::clap::clap:


If only I could talk the wife into that!

…and thanks everyone! It feels good to perform well and see the peak happening after all of that hard work.

Awesome work!! You did an amazing job training hard for this and it translated into a fantastic result. Gratz and be proud of your efforts. Chapeau!

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Great Job!! also raced the BT Epic! This was my second time doing the race, I finished in just over 6 hours last year (with the same start issue missing the trail of the gravel road :wink:). I started TR last Spring and focused on the MV XC plan and through structured training was able to bring my time down to 5:11! I’m hoping that with another year of training and with getting an XC bike that I’ll be able to break the 5 hour mark. Glad to hear that sticking to the TR plans worked for you.

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Fantastic pal :+1:

Keep it going!

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Nice work! The first year I raced BT I came home and told my wife that the next to last weekend of October is booked for the remainder of my cycling career. It’s so much fun and I look forward to it from the moment registration opens. Scott and his boys put on a great race!

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