7-8h for training per week but only on 3 days

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the schedule of the training plan I choose which is SS mid volume. I can train 7-8h per week but only on 3 days. 2h on Tue, 2h on Thu and 3-4h on Sat. I can add the easy ride of Wed at the end of the rides of Tue and Thu but what should I do with the two rides of the week-end ? I imagine it would be to hard to do them both the same day. Should I cancel one and just do some Z2 instead ? Should I choose the low volume plan and add some Z2 ?
And do you think riding only 3 days a week is not enough ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Are you trying to do all the riding inside? I’ve do trainer rides tues thurs and go on a long ride on the weekend outside

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Sorry, didn’t specify that part. Yes I ride inside on Tue and Thu and outside the week-end!

more days is obviously better, but it doesn’t sound like your life allows for this, so don’t even doubt it.

Get your workouts in on Tues and Thurs, and then ride long on the weekend endurance. To be honest though, a sweet spot only plan is not for someone with 3 days to ride IMO.

You need to use sweet spot to build up to some threshold intervals and the other day should be vo2max+.

Good luck!


With that kind of schedule here is what I would probably due on Tuesday and Thursday.

Base- load up on workouts like Baxter, Boarstone, and Colosseum.

Build- lots of sweetspot with a little VO2 mixed in. Workouts like Clark, Bondcliff, and Buckhorn.

Specialty- 60-90 minute workouts with intervals that match the efforts of your A race and then Zone 2 the remainder of your time.

Then I would just enjoy your outdoor rides on Saturday and maximize your recovery on your days off.

Given your schedule, the low volume plan plus some extra sounds closer to what works for you. Given your time constraints, I’d personally be doing 60-90 minute vo2/threshold workouts on Tuesday and Thursday with as much extra z2 time at the end as you can fit, and for Saturdays I’d be riding z2/long sweet spot efforts

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^^ I would Not do this. ^^ IMO opinion to much ‘easy’ working out and plenty of recovery time. I’d more go with @Wittyname suggestion. Maybe VO2Max Tues, SST or Threshold on Thursday depending on how well you recover, and long Z2 weekend

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