8 Weeks to Half Iron Aquabike

I just raced my first “A” race of the season yesterday, the NJ State AquaBike, in excessive heat on a shortened (750 m swim/13.9 mile bike) course and finished 8th woman. Very happy with my results given the conditions and the fact that I never really got my wits about me on the bike and was quite happy to not crash out because I was so dizzy.
My next “A” race is the AC half iron AquaBike on Sept 15th. I feel like I need to rebuild a bit so I am looking at doing 4 weeks (the first 4) of the half iron build phase and then the last 4 weeks of the half iron specialty phase leading in to this race. Obviously I remove the runs, as I am doing an aquabike.

I would like opinions on if this sounds like a valid way to go and/or if you might have other suggestions.

I am 54 year old woman with and watts/kg is 2.32 I believe at the moment. Many thanks!

How did you get on at your race? I’m doing an aquabike next year and I’m just beginning to plan for it. My first though was the half iron plan and remove the runs but then I thought without the run to consider, the bike I.F might be too low.

I am sorry, I just saw your question! I did not end up doing the half iron aquabike, due to real life issues that arose. I do think that if you cut the runs out in any of the triathlon plans, you should either replace it with a swim or an endurance or recovery ride - I like to insert Taku or Carter just to get on and spin the legs. Depending on what distance you train for you can adjust the length of these rides.

Good luck with your aquabike! Please update with your progress, as will I!