Plan for 70.3 Aquabike

Trying to find the best plan for a 70.3 Aquabike through Plan Builder. If I choose the half-IM plan, it dilutes the overall intensity of training for shorter Aquabikes I have in my overall plan earlier in the season. If I choose any other type of cycling-only plan it never approaches the time in saddle needed for the 56 mile bike, even when I adapt the time for the event. For example the longest ride is 90 min. Are there cycling choices in the events in Plan Builder that I could select, that could give me a training plan for the 56 mile portion of the Aquabike?


I’m sorry you haven’t gotten any response here. I’ve asked similar questions in the past but aquabike doesn’t seem to garner too much respect for some reason. To me it’s such a technically difficult sport because your swim has to be on point but you have to be able to immediately throw it down on the bike for the 56 miles. Makes running look easy :joy:

I was hoping to have some feedback, but like you wrote, Aquabike is not getting its just credit. I guess I will stick with the TR TT plan for the Olympic distance Aquabikes, and when that season is done, will drop TR as I prep for the swim/56 mile longer course Aquabike race I am aiming for (unless someone at TR is monitoring this forum and wants to spend a a bit of time creating a 70.3 distance Aquabike near-TT plan)

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@gregcain3 I wish there were more sport specific expertise on this forum to help you out…but most here are probably like me. Even just getting as involved in Aquabike as much as it takes to make this post, there is a very real chance I could drown. :crazy_face: :ring_buoy:

I wrote this in the TT thread on this forum, but I like to create the course on RideWithGPS, import that to BestBikeSplit, create a Race Plan, then US BestBikeSplit to create & export a TrainerRoad workout. Then use that workout as part of your training.

I would choose HV (skip the runs) put in the 70.3 as A race and the other races in as As or Bs

The plan does train you for the event, you don’t need to have done the distance to do the race.

With the ‘spare’ time not running, I’ve advised the HV which does have much longer rides.

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I think that’s a error in your thinking that shorter events require extra intensity. In an Oly aquabike, you’re going to be biking for an hour+ at sub-threshold effort. In a sprint, it’s close to 20-30’. It’s not an event that demands high sprint repetition like a criterium or a MTB race where you alternate supra-threshold and technical coasting. It’s steady. It’s close to threshold, but still sub threshold. It’s an event where high volume is going to trump high intensity every time.

Even when you go and look at the training of athletes specializing in 5-10’ long steady effort events (5k track, that Swedish WR speed skater), their training consists of generally volume. High volume isn’t reserved for 140.6 athletes. Additionally, There’s even been a trend w/ the “Norwegian method” to reduce the “Threshold” workouts from 4mmol/L down to 2mmol/L. Similar training benefit, less recovery needed, and then the ability to do more work later.

As a triathlete, my fastest Olys were when I stopped doing Oly plans and started doing IM plans. My fastest 5ks have been on the heels of marathon training. Volume>intensity.

That’s a lot of words to say, I agree with JoeX. I think HV 70.3 plan or even the IM plan is going to be your best best for both races. You get long endurance rides, lots of time in SS (Oly) /Tempo (70.3) to simulate race effort and a mid-week intensity ride to scratch that “i must have intensity” itch.

If you have the time or the desire to do to the longer training is a different questions.


The mid volume half plans have rides up to 2.5 hrs.
The high volume goes to 3+.
If you’re skipping the run, I would do the MV/HV. You can always extend rides by adding 20-60 min of aerobic when the cooldown timer starts. These plans are sufficient for Olympic and sprints as well

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I did several aquabikes last year due to knee issues, ending w/ a 70.3 race in the Texas Hill Country (Kerrville). I used a high volume time trial plan and rode a 2:35 on a hill course using a road bike. I had to go back 20 years in my records to find an equivalent time, and that one was pancake flat and using clip on aero bars. I would use that plan again if I was going to race aquabike, but your response may be different

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