7mesh bib shorts?

Has anyone had experience with 7mesh? The reviews I have seen people are saying that that they are the best bib shorts they have ever used yet there are only a few reviews.

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I have the Mk1 shorts, they are premium. On par with top end S7 Assos and Rapha Pro.


In short: yes, they are great, you pay top Canadian dollars, but you get performance to match.

My team outfit is from 7mesh, and includes their bib shorts. I don’t know the model off-hand, but given what I paid for them (about $200~$250), I’m quite sure it is the top-of-the-shelf model. The shorts are very high quality, and the only bad thing I can come up with is that the front of the pants part is quite high, so peeing is a bit more difficult than with other bib shorts. On the plus side, that keeps you warm and does not expose any body parts to the draft, so perhaps that is a trade-off worth making. The chamois does its job, I don’t notice it’s there and I have never had saddle sores, be it on long group rides or races.

All of my other 7mesh gear is amazing: I have the tight-fitting, expensive jersey, which I am very happy with, and the Corsa softshell jacket. The Corsa especially is otherworldly: even though it is extremely thin, it keeps me warm until about -5 degrees, provided I put on a warm base layer with long sleeves and wear a buff. (Although it only keeps you warm for as long as you are moving, once you stop, you will get cold.)

Plus, I really, really love their design: it uses simple, solid colors, they don’t shy away from bright colors (my Corsa is fiery red, which I love) and as far as road cycling kit, they have got it nailed.


Do you notice any rubbing issues with sweat where the straps meet the bib? That’s the only issue I could find with them.

Not really, that hasn’t been an issue for me.

Another thing that comes to mind is the grippy fabric at the bottom of the pant legs: it works almost too well, so for hairy dudes like myself, putting them on can be a bit tricky. But they do stay put and I haven’t noticed any fraying yet.

I had a pair of the Mk1s I retired and currently have two pairs of Mk2s in rotation so they get worn 2-3 times a week and are usually hand-washed and hung dry. Unless I’m doing a race or event where I need to wear team kit, I’ll usually reach for these first.

The reviews aren’t an exaggeration; these are easily the comfiest bibs I’ve worn, having come from Assos S5 Milles and S7 Equipes before that and older generation Rapha Pro Teams (2014 I think).

Their patterning is excellent and is probably what their clothing range is best known for; there’s no weird fabric bunching once you’re in position on the bike and you can’t feel seams anywhere. The chamois is dense enough to not feel packed out after 5+ hours in the saddle, but doesn’t feel bulky. It’s sewn in a semi-floating design so I’ve never felt it bunch up. Grippers work well and don’t cause sausage leg. Branding is minimal so they work with pretty much any jersey I own. Compression is less than the Pro Teams, but they feel much more supportive than Assos.

I wish I could justify adding a pair of Mk3s to the rotation, but my current bibs aren’t showing any signs of wear or breaking down so far.

Awesome, I think I’ll have to try a pair. Thanks. How do you find they fit, size wise?

True to size, as far as I can tell.

With that said, I’m a pretty small guy (5’7", 135lbs, 27" waist), so my default is usually XS men’s for most North American brands (for those that offer it).

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The bib shorts are true to size. I bought mine in M (I’m 1.78 m).

For jerseys you should take several measurements and compare those with the chart. I have a funnily shaped upper body (long limbs, short upper body, small waist and comparatively large shoulders), but managed to find something that fits. Note that their gear does not seem to fit right when you are standing up straight, but once you get into position, they fit perfectly.

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Hey all, I’m one of the 7mesh founders. Appreciate the kind words from the posters above, that means a lot to us! We share pretty much all feedback with our team internally so both the concerns and the positives will be shared.

Not trying to spam up the thread, but happy to answer questions if that’s allowed. I just wanted to volunteer that our sizing is different than other brands - if you can take measurements and consult our charts that’s definitely a good thing to do. For bibs, most important measure is thigh first, then hip (but hip is more accommodating than thigh), then waist is a distant third. For bibs, many people go a size down in 7mesh from Assos & Rapha

Again, not trying to spam the thread, just wanted to save someone from potentially considering the wrong size. All the best!


Thank you for the fitting clarification. I look forward to ordering and trying out your bibs

Good to know you folks are keeping an eye on this forum. One quick question regarding pocket size and cell phones: it seems that smartphones grow larger with every generation. Do you take that into account when designing pockets? My phone no longer fits into the zipper pockets of my 7Mesh jersey, even when I take it out of my fickaskap cycling wallet.

Yes we’ve evolved the sizing over time. For this spring, on all of our jerseys the right zipper pocket will hold an iPhone 11 Pro Max. And if phone sizes go completely crazy, use the left - we made it double width, so it goes all the way under 2 of the top loading pockets. It will fit a puffy jacket, or an iPad mini, or…get creative! :slight_smile:

(btw we don’t monitor forums systematically, but I try hard to catch what I can)

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You guys are awesome, thanks!

What type of breathability does the MK3 bib have in comparison to the RK3?

The RK1 is going to be more breathable and handle hot weather more effectively. Not that the MK3 is poor at it - the MK is our flagship summer riding bib - but the RK is stripped down and will feel a bit cooler. The three key differences are:

  1. The RK material is more sheer, so less of a barrier to air or water transfer.
  2. The RK chamois has a unique foam cutaway in the front - the chamois fabric continues seamlessly but the foam fades to zero. This makes a big difference for air perm in an important spot.
  3. The RK shoulder straps are a structured mesh material rather than the MKs elastic straps.

dammit! I was going to buy some Rapha stuff, now I just can’t decide. I love Assos. Castelli, and Sugoi, are good too. Damn, can’t decide what comes next…

Give the little guy a shot! :wink:

Tell you what, just for fun: if you or @Smmorina buy a pair from us, you can wear 'em for a month and if you’re not satisfied I’ll give you your money back.


Deal. Just placed the order.

Got it, thanks! Make sure you think the sizing is right when it arrives, so we can swap it out before you ride in it if we need to. Any problems, you can get to me through either our live chat or the contact info on our web site.

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