Bib shorts (probably any cycling shorts) are a scam

So friggin expensive, all the serious cycling people telling you how important chamois quality is.
But why can everyone see my ass while the chamois is still in excellent shape??

What is the point of a high quality chamois if you can’t wear them after say 2? years because they are basically see through by then? 2 years or rotating through 4 different pairs so its not like they are used daily, maybe 1 to 2 per week

Is there a brand where the lyrcra material is thicker or better that can last longer?

I think i am going to give the chinese ebay stuff a try, its usaually around $20


I have bib shorts that have been worn at least 400 times and still are not see through. Shorts shouldnt go in the dryer


I have shorts I’ve worn over hundreds of rides and no one’s ever complained about seeing my ass. :slight_smile:

Some of mine are better than others as far as chafing and soreness both on the bike and after. I’ve tossed a few pairs in the trash simply because they’re old and no longer effective. For those that are still moderately good quality, I use a liberal amount of chamoise cream and that seems to offset any chafing issues.

There’s another thread on here that goes into great length about different brands. Right now, for me, I’m finding Rapha’s are working well for me. No chafing and minimal soreness in the saddle over long rides.

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Great thread :+1:


I have my team kit bibs from 2012 that I still wear, with dignity. :man_shrugging:

The best place to start this discussion is probably saying what brands and trim level bibs you are currently wearing. They might have a reputation of being delicate materials and people could point you toward better/longer lasting bib shorts.

In general I think high end racing/aero/lightweight bib shorts are going to wear faster. But so will super budget ones.

Also, If the chamois is still good but the lycra part isn’t, then I would just relegate them to trainer duty and then buy new pairs for outdoor use.


Word. We don’t put shorts, gloves, jerseys, headbands, warmers, or (sometimes) socks in the dryer.


Worthless without see-thru bib pics ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, I have a pair that were crashed. I still wear them for a good crit to put a little fear in the people next to me.

Speaking on the dryer, no active wear should go in there, causes bacteria growth and that results in those weird smells


I have my Ekoi bibs for almost 3 years now… still going strong (As comparison I burned through a pair of Jeans in about the same time frame :stuck_out_tongue:)

How can we confirm the quality without them?

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As said before, need to know exactly which bibs you are talking about.

We need more information than that - frequency is arguably even more important. I don’t think the best bibs in the world could hold up to daily wear, especially on a stationary trainer. How often are you riding in them?

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My first short i got on sale for 30$ back in 2012. I still have it and is as comfortable as ever. The last cycling pant i got was in 2015 and still works great!

I have a total of 1 short, 3 bibs, 2 skin suits. I just use them once per week. Hang them to dry and when i run out of short i wash them… repeat…


I agree… I think bike ‘everything’ is comically expensive, especially clothes.

I see no need for the expensive stuff. IMO, like pretty much everything else…it’s just marketing and selling the name of the brand instead of the product.

I’ve had zero issues with TheBlackBibs stuff. They are reasonably priced, $40-$60. Personally, I see zero need for anything nicer for any application.

I have a couple pairs of dirt cheap bibs/shorts off amazon. The bibs are ‘fine,’ some of the seams cause irritation for rides over 2-3 hrs. The shorts are totally fine. Comfy, and no issues on long rides.


First time i hear about them
About to buy a pair!

Very comfy. Just one thing of note though…the cheap ones dont have the thigh grabbies…so bike bibs kinda turn into daisy dukes. I’m not shy…but next time I’d splurge the extra $20 and get the ones with the grabbies.


Excellent behaviour

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I have some mid range dhb ones that have done 1000s of miles of commuting and turbo work and still seem good as new. I’ve got some expesnive Asos one that I’ve noticed pilling already I think that’s because they clip the bike protector velcro when I’m on the Turbo. I think I’ve only had one pair that have gone see through and they were dhb ones that I’d had for 5 years or more.

I never tumble dry any cycling kit, ever. It generally dries in a few hours anyway

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