Pactmo for road

Anyone here use Pactmo for road bibs? Any thoughts as to how they compare with their top of the line bibshort compared to Pearl Izumi Pro?

My Wed night ride leader thinks they are awesome. Our club just switched to Pactimo and I’ve got a kit coming next week.

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Our team used them for years, mainly because they were one of the first on the scene to have an online store, sparing some poor guy the task of doing the order. Some guys thought Pactimo was fine, some HATED Pactimo. I refused to buy them.

We moved to Jakroo for the club kit. My own company kit is from Garneau, and in my opinion it is leagues better.

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Our group / club uses Pactimo and it is good stuff. Never had any chamois issues (chafing, etc) at all. I would recommend getting the longer shorts vs the standard (3 cm longer, I believe).

Best thing I can say about it is that I never think the kit when I wear it…and that is a good thing. I do wish their jerseys were a raglan cut for the sleeves instead of square cut and just a bit longer.

Got a skinsuit with our last order and like it a lot and was MUCH cheaper…skinsuit cost me less than a pair of bibs alone. (~$130 vs. ~$170, IIRC).

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Our team used Pactmo last year for our team kit. It fit extremely well and was comfortable enough.

On a side note, It was a dark navy color but when the material was stretched a bit of a white color shined through. Let’s just say certain … bulges in certain areas were highlighted, which we all found absolutely hilarious.

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Oh boy, thanks for the heads up!

I’ve seen that on older kits, thankfully our club bibs are black. I ordered the Storm+ 12-hour bibs and rode them first time last weekend on a cold Sunday morning ride. With our club discount these were half the price of my Assos and a lot more comfortable. Really like them.

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I think they are good. The fit is good and comfortable. I use the Summit Stratos and Summit Raptor bibs. I think they are really nice. The straps are nice, comfortable, wide, breathes well, and doesn’t bunch or pinch. The chamois is comfortable. I always order the longer length. I haven’t tried their moderately priced bibs.

I’m not overly picky though. I can’t tell much of a difference between Pactimo, Sugoi, and Castelli. The construction seems comparable and so do the chamois. I always order upgraded to the max chamois, when I go custom. I’ll compare them to Assos and Rapha bibs in a few months, when it warms up.

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The Pactimo Raptor bibs have been my go-to bibs the last 2 seasons. You can usually catch them on a good sale a couple of times a year. (TDF and Christmas).

Great bang for the buck on most Pactimo gear.


I have a set of their Raptor bibs. They’re high quality, and like someone else mentioned, I don’t think of them when I’m wearing them, which is good. Materials and stitching are all very high quality.

I don’t have any Pearl Izumi Pro, so I can’t compare to them. My other bibs are 5+ year old Craft top of the line that are OK, but were never my go tos. I have a pair of the Velocio cold weather bibs, and while the form and function are different, I’d put my Pactimo and Velocio bibs in the same tier, Excellent.

Above all though, I am partial to Giordano FRC bibs. They are my go to bibs. I am 5’ 10" / 168-170 lbs. In the Giordano’s I’m a Large, and the fit is spot on. In the Pactimo Raptors I went with the Medium, and I wish they were a tad smaller, though I imagine a Small would be too small.

Several of my riding mates have Pactimos and they love 'em.