HELP - Any feedback on Jakroo Kits?

Looking at purchasing an order of 2-5 kits from them;

  1. to make my laundry life easier
  2. because i can’t get cuore in canada
  3. buying in bulk is cheaper

I know the TrainerRoad kits have come from this company. Just wondering what the general consensus is?

Also has anyone gone through the custom design process??

Thanks so much in advance!

I have one kit from them and the chamois is probably my favorite of all time. The jersey and bibs are good quality and fit great also.

I have a Jakroo kit from my LBS and love it. The inseam is a bit long for me but the chamois is really comfortable. I prefer the Assos straps on another set of bibs I own, but can’t argue with the more affordable price Jakroo offers compared to Assos.

All I can say is if a kit supplier got the sign-off from the entire TR team (and we’re very opinionated folks), then it’s of the best quality. I remember certain people like @Bryce saying some of their products (the baggies) were their favorite they’d ever used.


My club uses Jackroo kits. I have jerseys in both the Tour and Nova varieties. The Tour isn’t great in my opinion. The sleeves are baggy and the material feels cheap. The Nova, however, is awesome. Very light and aero fitting with long sleeves that look great.

I also have the Velo bibs and they’re very nice. My only complaint is they’re ever so slightly longer than I would usually like. I haven’t tried the higher end bibs yet.

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My favorite kit by far. Wish I would have bought more of them when I had access to team pricing.

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Is there the option of doing a group buy for added discounts? I’m about ready to pull the trigger.

The Nova shows a 20" torso length for a size medium, that seems pretty short compared to what I’ve seen documented from other brands. Does the Nova seem short in length compared to other kits you’ve worn? I’m hoping you say yes because as a short rider I’m super tired of putting things in my back pocket only to have it hang down to my butt.


My club uses Jakroo kits (and is sponsored by them), and we chose them after looking at a few options. They do make the custom-designing process pretty easy. We work with them on a number of “special” designs for our club (winter series jerseys, special one-offs as thank-yous for special volunteers…) and they’re fantastic. I’ve been very happy with their chammy (please note I’m female, so YMMV), and am pretty comfy in their kits overall. I do like their Nova jersey and Solar bibs the best. Their Echelon skinsuit is good, but when I have to wear it all day the chammy on that one is a little on the thinner side. Better for shorter rides like TTs or when you can change out of your kit between track events. (I have a couple of their Tour jerseys and they’re not bad, but the Nova is clearly higher quality.)

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I have the nova jersey and bibs from my LBS. I’m 5-9 164lbs. I like a snug fit and chose the Small for both garments which fits really well. Jakroo recommended a small as well. The nova bib shorts are a bit long for my liking, but hoping the solar, higher end, cut is better. TR bibs are the solar cut.

Here’s a pic for reference…


Love my TR kit from them. Nice chamois, good fit, good material.

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Yeah I would say it’s a bit on the shorter side, especially in the front. That said, I’ve never really had much of an issue with torso length in kits generally.

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Since my wife and I ride with several different groups we didn’t want to get kit specific to one of them. We had custom jerseys made up with her business logo. They came out great. Jackroo will send sample shirts out on request to make sure you have the sizing right.

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Which cut in the Nova jersey did you get? Slim or Standard?

Nova sizing guide that shows differences between slim & standard:

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I’ve been using Jakroo for about 5 years and LOVE their kits. For the price they are hard to beat. They also really work with you to get what you want. They have made 5 different kits for me. LOVE the little zipper pocket on the back for my CC’s and a car key. Never have to worry about them flying out when I grab for food! My favorite part is that they let me design my jerseys myself. I get exactly what I want each time. I just send them the Photoshop or Illustrator files and they handle the rest.

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Sorry it’s been a minute. The jersey is standard cut.

No worries, thanks. After speaking with Jakroo they recommended small standard for me a well, but a medium in the bibs.

@fastk9dad Did you make your purchase yet?

I just ordered the LS skinsuit and should arrive April 1.

I did and it arrived last week. Their advise was spot on and the kit fits great.

Great! I’ll be posting up a pic on the OP when mine arrives.

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