Plan selection help

I need help figuring out what I should do. My first race is a half iron at the end of May and then I have 8 weeks (assuming I’ll recover for a week) before an Olympic tri I really want to PR.
My question is for those 8 weeks in between should I do the Olympic tri build or specialty? I figured that coming off of the half iron I will have a good amount of fitness that just needs to be honed but the Olympic tri is much hillier than the half so I’m wondering if more build would help.

This is a tough one, it’s a shame you’re crunched on time or we’d recommend a rebuild and specialty phase. I think you may be able to get away with just jumping into the Oly Specialty phase, since you’ll have gone through the Base>Build progression before already. You can compare the plans below:



I’d do the specialty. More longer threshold work which is more like what you’ll see in the race. You don’t want to be doing a bunch of VO2 repeats on race day. You could also split the difference. Do first four weeks of build followed by last four weeks specialty. But I’d just do specialty and be done with it.