7 week build?!?!

I’ve gone through plan builder with the target event being my state CX race in mid-December. With the current lockdown situation, I have some extra time to train, so I’ve just finished Sweetspot Base High Volume I. As many others have said, it was A LOT but I managed my way through it.

Now plan builder has me doing 2 weeks of high volume build before going into 5 weeks of Sweetspot Base High Volume II for 7 consecutive weeks of loading. This seems… nuts. Does anyone have a reason why this is less nuts than I think it is?


It’s all based on your volume setting and the fact your A race is MANY months out. PB did what it’s programmed to do to fill the gap. You are free to follow or ignore and modify as needed.

I mean, I get that it’s the programming. My question is whether this seems sane to others. 7 straight weeks of building seems like a recipe for failure, but I’m willing to try it, I guess.

I am assuming that you mean the loading phase is 7 weeks long for sweet spot base high volume 1&2. The base phase is really meant to establish your foundational fitness and prepare you for the phase so it shouldn’t be really hard on your body(compared to the build phase). You have completed Sweetspot base high volume 1 so you should be able to handle this stress.

Also did the plan builder make the loading phase 7 weeks long?

Are you saying there are 7 weeks without a recovery week? Ouch!
Contact support and let them know so they can look into it.

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follow your intuition, 7 weeks is A LOT!!!


Yeah, that’s what I thought. There are some labelled weeks from plans I’ve deleted and such hanging around my calendar and I wonder if that’s messing with Plan Builder. I opened a support ticket to try to get rid of those and get this sorted out so we’ll see if that helps.