6 weeks of time-crunched training - Optimal type of training?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to complete Mid-volume Base II training. We are moving during the month of May in a house that needs a lot of work, so I will be time-crunched for about 6 weeks.

What would be the most time efficient way to maintain my current fitness level (FTP is now around 300, from 262 in december, only doing base training), considering I want at least 1 weekly 3 hour endurance ride outside :

  • Go with low volume Build program (short power or sustained power), at the risk of having to skip some trainings.

  • Skip the programs for 6 weeks and focus strictly on two VO2 max workouts/week.

  • Any other approach you might recommend ?

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Hmmm - difficult - 1/ Do you need to keep your fitness that high - there is no racing. I got my FTP up ready for the tt season - there is no racing in the UK so I have gone back into winter mode - it’s only down a few watts but it’s difficult to keep a peak you won’t use so I’m just doing a lot of zone 2, 1 short VO2 session and one fun blast round a local tt circuit and trying to climb the Strava leader board on my road bike. 2/ It depends how much of this “work” is going to affect your cycling - if you are doing a lot of manual DIY you might not fancy really hard training. If you are desperate to keep the FTP up I would go for SPB LV plus your 3 hour zone 2 ride maybe on the Sunday. If you just want to stay fit and not over do things maybe your zone 2 ride plus 2x 75-90 min SS workouts should keep most of your gains - especially if you choose the tougher ones like Galena or Monitor+5…good luck…I hate DIY :grin:

Aside from maybe a few Zwift races, I dont need to peak before the end of summer since the only events I’m registering to are Granfondos in mid August and mid September. I would mostly like to maintain the base i’ve created to have something to build on when June is done.

I would do one VO2, one threshold and one longer ride each week. Any other volume is a bonus.

If you don’t waste any time, And don’t require a long warm up, 45 - 60 min is plenty for weekday VO2 and Threshold. Long ride is in the eye of the beholder but 90-120 min is good.

It’s only six weeks so get in quality, keep your fitness and enjoy new home


Have you looked at the Enthusiast plans? Go to Specialty --> Enthusiast. There’s plans for maintenance, time crunched 30 and time crunched 45.