Month gap in training

I have been pretty consistent with training since November but sadly in March due to work and travel I will be lucky to be able to train more than 1-2 days per week and some days my time to train may only be 30 minutes. Any suggestions on workouts to at least maintain my ftp and endurance.

It all depends on how you can space these rides out.

If you can ride Tues Thurs for an hour I’d do 2x20s on each day.

If you can only ride Tues and Wed for an hour I’d do 2x20 on day 1 and do something like Echo -4 on day 2.

If you have 30 min to ride 2x a week. I’d look at rides like Darwin -5 and Ritter -5 and Gilbert -2.

If you have more time, even 10 minutes, add some volume.