4 Weeks left after Full Distance Build + preparing for second event - rebuild?

I have 4 weeks between the end of My Full Distance Build (medium) is scheduled to finish, and my event (Challenge Roth).

I’m decidedly MOP and no where near the pointy end of things - what would be the best use of those 4 weeks? I’d planned to do the first 2/last 2 weeks of Specialty?

I’m conscious of not arriving at my event too fatigued (something I may have done in previous years), but of course want to maintain my current level of fitness which I feel is pretty good - have been taking more rest this year as I’m 52 which has definitely helped.

After my first event I have another (Ironman Wales) 10 weeks after - I figured 2 of those 10 will be recovery/holiday which leaves 8 weeks - 4 weeks build/4 weeks speciality? 6 weeks build 2 weeks speciality? or just 8 weeks re-build?


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This is our typical recommendation :+1:

This is a pretty tight spacing to be completing two Full Distance events. I would recommend doing 8 Weeks of Specialty since these have a lower TSS and will allow you to “sharpen the blade” without beating yourself down.

Good luck!

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