4 mos until a mountain ride. Which training plan pls

I live in Phoenix and have signed up for the Iron Horse in Durango in May.
I’m 56, have ridden for 40+ yrs and needed motivation to get back into better shape. Still in good shape, I want great shape.

I am thinking Masters Build, Climbing Road Race.
The ride is only 48 mis but it is over two significant passes. One 10k and one almost 11k.

I’m training on a Kickr Core Move.

A few questions please.

  1. Is using the Master Build, Climbing Road Race plan a wise choice?
  2. Should i keep the trainer in erg?

Thank you for any suggestions.


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I think you have made a good choice! Climbing road race is what I would do.

I think Masters is the right start - add in more endurance rides if you want more volume. Make sure to balance this so you don’t feel wasted for the intense workout.

I use ERG 99.999999% of the time, I can’t remember not using it, so I say yes.

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I’m doing the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. You race the train from Durango to Silverton.
If it were summer i could go to Flagstaff for elevation. But currently they are covered in snow and prob will be for most of my training period. I hope I can get a ride or two in before my event in Flag. But, whatever happens, happens.

Thanks for the info Sir!

It won’t matter too much what plan you pick as long as it’s one you’ll like and be consistent with, but you’ve picked a good one. ERG is a bit like Marmite (some love it , some hate it). I barley use it but thats probably due to my trainer (a Suito), its not the best with ERG (it is compact though which is why I got it). You might want to turn ERG off for VO2MAX workouts, as a lot of trainers in general struggle with them on ERG. But give it a go and see what you prefer. Good luck :+1:

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I used TR 6-7 yrs ago and things seemed to have changed a bit. I used a 2nd Gen Kickr which had some pretty bad glitches. It got so bad I didnt enjoy the Core and quit riding on/with it. To be honest, i really don’t like the trainer but in AZ in Aug it’s less bad than 105F at 9am.
The Ramp Test was much different than the 8 min test I did back then so I was not sure if I had the trainer in the correct mode.
I’m about to do my first training ride so I’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for your input!

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