Iron Horse Classic and L'Etape strategy

Howdy- I am registered for the Iron Horse Classic Road Race in Durango CO followed by the MTB race the next day, The event takes place Memorial Day weekend. On June 8th, I will also be riding L’Etape in Southern Ca. Both event shave a great deal of climbing. I am currently in the low volume general build phase. I follow TrainerRoad workouts throughout the week on the weekends I ride with groups.
Any suggestions on what phase I should be doing once I complete the current phase? Also , suggestions on what the weekend rides should look like?
I live in Tucson, AZ and can ride Mt. Lemmon on the weekends.

Thank you,

It sounds like you’re probably going to want the Climbing RR for your specialty plan.
Are you actually racing these events, or are you just doing them for fun and PRs? I did the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (quite a few years ago now) when I lived in Tucson, and I’d climb Mt Lemmon on Saturdays (I took Sundays as rest days then). I don’t know what your background is… I had never done that much climbing before, and that was my first time even going up Mt Lemmon. (This was also before I was on TR, or knew anything about structured training.)