4.0w/kg Through Consistent Training with Casper Green – Successful Athletes Podcast 38

Casper Green raised his FTP 70 watts with TrainerRoad while training for local group rides in Houston, Texas, all while being a busy father and working a demanding job in home automation. Tune in to find out the small changes he made to lose 35 pounds and how he used consistent, low-volume training to reach 4.0 W/kg in episode 38 of the Successful Athletes Podcast.

Casper's Episode

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How Casper raised his FTP from 214w to 284w
  • What made Casper start using structured training
  • What plans Casper followed to have such a big FTP improvement
  • What Casper struggled with in the training process and how he overcame it
  • Why and when Casper chooses evening training over morning training
  • What habits helped Casper be a successful athlete
  • What nutritional changes did Casper make to lose 35lbs
  • How cycling has change for Casper now that he is faster
  • Casper’s goals moving forward

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I listened today. It was a good interview, but I don’t feel like we really learned how he made such a massive jump in such a short time other than that he did a LV plan. Any additional insight? To grow FTP that significantly AND lose so much weight is mind blowing. I’d really like to know more about what he did.