+4.0w/kg with World Championship Competitor Jessica Kuepfer – Successful Athletes Podcast 35

Jessica Kuepfer is an accomplished multisport athlete that has used TrainerRoad to get faster for everything from criteriums to IRONMAN and Adventure Racing. Find out how Jessica trains for each of these disciplines, how she balances the training with her demanding career as a Communications Director for a national corporation, and what she does to improve in this episode of the Successful Athletes Podcast.

Tune into her episode premiere on YouTube tomorrow, Monday, January 18 at 8:00am Pacific on YouTube!

Jessica's Episode

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Jessica’s work and training schedule
  • How Jessica got started with endurance sports
  • How she balances bike, run and swim training
  • What Jessica has learned from each discipline of endurance sports
  • How adventure racing makes Jessica a better triathlete
  • How Jessica used TrainerRoad to raise her FTP by over 60 watts
  • What Jessica isn’t good at in the training process and how she is improving
  • What nutrition principles does Jessica follow
  • How Jessica improves her recovery
  • What Jessica has learned about making the sport more inclusive
  • What are Jessica’s proudest accomplishments

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This was fun. Jessica has such a good mindset. I love the blending of life with training rather than trying to balance.

And now I have to go look for adventure races near me.

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I really enjoyed this episode. Jessica’s a beast! Such an interesting and varied set of bike skills she has; crits, Ironman, adventure racing. Very cool.

Really enjoyed this episode too! I definitely relate to Jessica’s concept of blending work, life and training rather than balancing. Also what an awesome athlete!

Thanks Jessica and Jonathon for the conversation and the inspiration to keep working hard for the next goal and to better ourselves each day.

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Enjoyed the episode! Interesting to hear how Jessica balances an intense work professional role and all the sports that she loves (yes, relevant). Inspirational.

I love the idea of races being a celebration of our training. Great reframing of an anxiety provoking event.
An inspiring podcast, thanks , Jessica :slightly_smiling_face: