4.8w/kg and 30lb Weight Loss with Jack Turnbull – Successful Athletes 20

How Jack Turnbull used TrainerRoad to go from 3.6-4.8w/kg all the while balancing life and training, breaking through fitness plateaus and injury, and much more in Episode 20 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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Hi interesting insight, I gave up playing 5 a side a couple of years ago at 35 as I could hardly walk for two days after!

I’m interested in your diet more than anything, when you say high carb and vegan is that’s just how it worked out or do you consciously go down that route? You say a lot of pasta etc. What are you adding to that? A lot of veg? any grains or pulses?

I put on 15kg during lockdown due to non stop work from home, stress and no training. I am trying to get back down, low carb was helping me lose weight but I cannot train properly as I am completely under fuelled, I want to try give high carb a go so I can train harder and the weight should just come off as a by product like you described.

I’m not fully vegan, that’s just how it works out with a lot of meals as my partner is a vegetarian. We still eat cheese and I’ll eat meat maybe once or twice a month. At the start I made a conscious effort to swap my snacks out for fruit, I think this helped a lot.

Whenever I make pasta it would always be with vegetables. When I stopped eating meat every day I found that I was never full after main meals so I just started to add more vegetables. I always considered this a free hit, so to speak, because you can’t really over do eating veggies (within reason!) I stopped adding cream to sauces and held back on cheese when cooking.

I eat a lot of lentils and chickpeas as well. I’ve found that making curries with these as a base is a good way of getting loads of vegetables in, with white rice for a big carb hit.

I think as long as you’re riding, eating cards won’t hurt you. Training under carbed is horrible and I’ve found it easier than I first thought to take some of the fat out of meals which helps with weight loss. I really think it helps to make changes that you can sustain rather than aiming for quick weight loss. As you mentioned, for me weight loss was a by product of training, this will be very difficult for you if you’re not fuelling your training. I’m pretty useless when it comes to nutrition, I just know that carbs are the fuel, and I’m not going to be able to work hard without them. Don’t fear the carbs!


Thanks, all makes a lot of sense!

Btw., Who do you support?

No problem, hope it helps!

I support spurs, hope that doesn’t change your view on anything I’ve said :wink:

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Not at all, great weekend COYS.

Can’t wait to see Kane son bale together, just got a feeling we might never see bale in front of 60k at white hart lane.

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This completely changes my views on everything you’ve said ;). COYG!

Anyway just wanted to say well done for putting the hours in and getting the just rewards. I’ve worked out if I drop 4kg and gain 26w on my FTP I could hit 4.50 - not as good as yours but you’ve definitely inspired me more to do it.

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With any luck Bale will love it back at spurs and we’ll sign him permanently. Those 3 are gonna light it up man

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there’s always one :wink:… 4kg and 26w is definitely doable, Good luck!

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@jotts you mentioned you were in west london…ever find yourself in Richmond? If so, fancy a ride? You can tow me a long so I can get back up to my old FTP lol

Great Podcast Contribution with @Jonathan

You show the C for Consistency has nailed it for you

Greetings from a very wet North West of the UK !

regularly ride round the park mate, I’m based in Chiswick. I’m in London Dynamo so the park is a bit of a stomping ground haha. I’d be up for a ride for sure mate!

nice just dropped you a DM

Most people fail not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of a lack of proper mindset. Start with the mind and the body follows!

In my experience, I’ve found that most people have the basics right. Don’t you already know that you should eat food (even junk) in moderation and work out?

Most people fail only when it comes to the application of those basics. The solution, lies in psychology not exercise science.

Your goal if you want to be successful, is not to get results. Your goal is to let this process become automatic and ingrained.

Results are a result of this ingrained behavior.

Remember the age old saying, “The longer it takes, the longer it lasts!” :slight_smile:

Having said that, here are some tips that will help you lose fat:

  1. Stop trying to change everything from day one!

Focus only on one thing at a time! Let it become automatic and ingrained, like driving a car. When you started learning how to drive, you had to focus on many things and it overwhelmed you. You still check all those things, but it’s automatic now.

The best way to make it automatic is to focus and track only one thing till it becomes ingrained.

  1. Quantity of the food you are eating is more important than the quality of it.

You could eat a hundred apples a day and put on weight. On the opposite side, eat all the junk food you can think of in moderation and still lose weight.

  1. Success in the gym, is a lot like masturbation.

If you obsess and do things just for the output, you will not enjoy the output. You may not even get the output you are so desperate about https://hellomaterialsblog.com/keto-bodytone-review/ .

  1. Strength training is a lot superior to cardio for fat loss. Used together, they turn into a lethal fat burning machine.

  2. Eat more protein.

Protein helps you by keeping you full for longer. Your body burns a lot more calories to digest protein. (Lookup Thermic Effect of Food)

  1. Focus on compound movements.

Compound or multi-joint exercises are those that involve many muscles at the same time. They not only work many muscles, but also provide more bang for your buck.