350w FTP While Working Nightshift with Jozsef Evans – Successful Athletes 017

Hear how Jozsef added 50 Watts to his FTP through consistency and dedication to his training to make big gains in his power to weight ratio, including why he started training with structure, how to find motivating goals, how he balances his training with a variable work schedule and more in Episode 17 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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I had such fun recording this, thank you for making it happen.

Let’s see where the future goes! Looking forward to starting my racing journey next year (hopefully!).

I put all my faith in plan builder to get me there in the best possible shape! :muscle:


Impressive and inspiring changes! I can’t believe how quick you went out and did 100 miles! When you started TrainerRoad did you use the low, mid, or high volume plans?

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Apologies this is just me being lazy but does he speak on which plans he followed to get there? i.e. SSB1–>SSB2-- etc?

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I’ve moved between low and mid volume plans exclusively utilising plan builder.

At first I went for a low volume plan as I wasn’t sure how I would respond to the stress.

Following completing the first plan I moved to mid volume. I am now back on a low volume plan as I do a lot of outdoor riding outside of my plan.

Depending on work schedule I routinely hit 10+ hours on the bike. I ensure I commit to completing my prescribed workouts (3 on a low volume plan) and then work in my outside rides around them.

As winter sets in I see myself reverting back to a mid volume plan as I can see my outdoor hours reducing and adding in some gym work.

Hope this helps!


I was completely at the mercy of plan builder :slight_smile:


outside of calorie tracking, what did you find the biggest change was to your diet that helped you

Discovering foods that are both nutritionally 'goods and satiating, such as sweet potatoes, quark and oatmeal.

There are so many ways to ‘pimp’ foods up to the way you like them.

The key is experimenting and finding what works for you.

I do not let myself go hungry (I did in the past!) I listen to my body and feed it when it asks, I just make sure I eat the right things. When I’m hungry, I eat foods that will fill me up, chocolate and cookies don’t fit the bill.

Another good thing was the mindset that treats are just that, a treat, and not a daily thing. Chocolate and cookies are rewards, and never eaten when hungry! If I eat them when I’m hungry I seem to make them disappear :upside_down_face:

Good Work Fella,
What was the name/author of book Nate recommended?

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Hey, thank you! Much appreciated.

The endurance diet - Matt Fitzgerald.

Well worth a read.

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Really enjoyed your interview @Jozsef_Evans. The first 100 mile story though - OMG I spent 6 months building up to my first 100 miles!!! Yorkshire hills are similar to Welsh hills so I don’t have any credible excuses for taking so long. :wink:

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A week, a month or a year. The goal is the same. Some get there sooner than others but who cares as long as we get there right? More time to enjoy the journey and the process!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I wish we could have talked for another 3 hours :sweat_smile:


Great podcast and love to hear Wales represented @Jozsef_Evans

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Thank you so much!

Cymru am byth! :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 <-- insert unsupported flag emoji here

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What position did you play in rugby?

Really enjoyed the podcast and great story @Jozsef_Evans.

I’ve a question about some of the comments you made regarding how every session was tough. As referenced in other threads, Ramp Tests can overestimate FTP, depending on physiology (I’m a case in point).

Have you done a longer test to sense check FTP?

Just wondering if you’re actually performing Threshold instead of Sweetspot owing to an overestimated FTP. Sweetspot should be hard but not TOO hard.

Apologies if I have misinterpreted your comments, but having been close to burning out by having FTP set too high, I think slightly lower is better than slightly too high.

Incidentally, I reduced my Ramp Test derived FTP by 10-15w and ultimately ended up increasing my hour power (ie FTP…more or less) by 30W to 370W. I put this down to training in the”most bang for your buck” zone - ie, maximizing gains for minimal investment.

Irrespective, well done on your progress!!

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Hey, thanks for the comment, really appreciated!

I actually rode an hour long TT on Zwift a little while ago whereby I rode my FTP…that was brutal, but completed. For that reason I’m fairly confident that the FTP results I’ve obtained are representative.

What I meant more than anything is that I love that these workouts consistently push you hard, but not to the point of failure (providing you’re adequately fuelled and recovered).


Good stuff - always nice to have a longer effort to confirm FTP is in the right ball park.

BTW - your shift pattern sounds brutal!

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Enjoying listening to your story on the podcast at the moment, so what specific races are you thinking of doing next year Jozsef?

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