Big Power to Weight Increase with Brad Kundracik – Successful Athletes Podcast 015

Hear how Brad Kundracik made a massive increase on his watts per kilo by going from a 265 watt FTP at 265 pounds, to a 365 watt FTP at 230 pounds, including how he used structure from TrainerRoad to get faster, how Brad balances his training around work and family and more in Episode 15 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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I loved this episode! I’m of the belief that the most admirable characters are those who act with diligence on all matters, particularly the small ones, with no recognition or fame. Brad is a great example of this. Has genuine motivation, makes the necessary sacrifices without complaint or call for recognition, and keeps doing it.

Brad makes me want to be better!


I lost more weight but most certainly did not gain 100 watts in a year. Haha. Very impressive.

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Glad to see a fellow Texan representing TR.