350w FTP While Working Nightshift with Jozsef Evans – Successful Athletes 017

Absolutely! Always grounding to know you’re heading the right way.

The shifts have their pros and cons. One pro being the shift bonus we get for working the unsociable hours (25% salary).

Its also nice to have free days during the week to ride and enjoy other things.

Biggest con however is the lack of routine…which conversely is something I found a con when working 9-5.

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Thats fantastic! Thank you so much Chris, all this positivity is amazing, im completely overwhelmed by it all.

Next years races really are an anything goes kinda thing. I’d love to try my hand at TT as I think that would suit my riding well but without a dedicated TT rig I cant imagine I’d be wholly successful.

The majority will be rolling Road races around 40miles in length, can’t wait! I have a love for criterium racing (spectating) so I’d love to get involved in some of those. Again, I believe I’d fare relatively well in criteriums based on my style.

The next few years of racing for me will literally be solely a learning curve. I’m completely focused on learning the race craft as opposed to going for the W. That will come later and in good time :slight_smile:

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Your welcome , yeah crit racing scares me a bit tbh ha im looking at trying to qualify for the UCI gran fondo worlds at the uk qualifier at the tour of Cambridge race next June .
I Have just started on a 40 week my plan on Monday on TR , hey your name was mentioned on Fellow Welsh rider Ed Laveracks live you tube stream this evening!

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Oh wow that sounds amazing Chris! Good luck!

I’ll be starting a long build phase over the next few months as my current plan comes to an end in the next few weeks. Never done much structure over a winter period before so that will be interesting!

I follow Ed however not seen his live stream, thats pretty damn cool! Hope he only said good things :sweat_smile:

Your name was brought up on his live comments by someone , dont think Ed had heard of you , me neither but someone said that you were on the podcast , so thats what made me listen to your story , good luck buddy!

Ah that’s cool! Nobody has heard of me :sweat_smile:

Its great how we have the opportunity to discover new things from other people/sources.

Appreciated Chris, thank you! :muscle: