+34w and Recovery from a Horrific Accident with Sloane Tilley – Successful Athletes Podcast 27

Sloane Tilley used TrainerRoad to recover from being hit by a car and raised her FTP by 34 watts. Tune in to learn how she returned to training after multiple surgeries and a head injury, how she manages fear from her accident, and how she trained to come back even stronger.

Sloane's Episode

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Getting started in Triathlon at University of North Carolina
  • How Sloane trained while working on her PhD
  • Sloane’s horrific accident
  • How Sloane battled disordered eating during recovery
  • What Sloane did to stay motivated during a multi-year recovery
  • How Sloane used TrainerRoad to come back even stronger!
  • How Sloane keeps her training on track with a busy schedule

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Just want to thank Sloane and @Jonathan for a great podcast. It covered a lot of challenging topics - injury / recovery, disordered eating, PhD studies, newly married, etc. Best of luck to Sloane on her continued recovery, especially as she works toward 4 w/kg!!!


Thank you for this podcast. Having gone through traumatic injury as a result of being hit by a speeding driver, and experienced some similar problems with the fallout from that, it was great to hear such an honest reflection on the experience

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Thank you so much @rkoswald and @paulrattew for your kind words! It is great to be a part of such a supportive community! @paulrattew, I hope that you continue to heal from your injuries, both physical and otherwise - I am so sorry that you are having to go through something like that.