Returning to Training after 6 Weeks Sick

Hi, after getting Covid + something else + conjunctivitis from kids, and burning myself out at work I have missed almost 6 weeks of training….

I usually follow a triathlon plan 6 hours/week and haven’t had this amount of time off as long as I can remember… AI FTP from 280–>235 (probably lower)

Question: should I jump straight back into a plan? (Olympic Triathlon Mid Volume)

Or simply gradually increase volume Z2+ SS for 6 weeks first?

6 week is quite long, probably lost tone of blood volume and vo2 max.

Just do 1 week easy, starting with just spinning the legs and see how you would feel after that. Ignore HR (it will be high, especially in the first week), just ride by feel (easy). Then start with the base. Do not force anything. The capilaries and mitochondria are all there but they need to be stimulated again.

I am returning after 12weeks of no bike and highly stressful time, so lost all the gains (around 120W from FTP) and starting from the beginning in terms of numbers. The plus side is that you see improvement after almost every ride so it can be motivatig.

If you want to learn more, just look at articles from Inigo Mujika about detraining.


I did nothing for 5wks due to Covid. As @jarsson suggested, I went easy for a few weeks, really easy. Even so, my HR was still elevated. It took about 5wks to get the HR back to normal.

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Thank you- that’s encouraging!!

I started a new plan with lower recommended FTP, did a 45min Z2 base ride and it was very taxing… I was genuinely surprised and worried.

I’m going to cancel the plan for time being and just get some time in bike again (gently)

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Thanks, good to know I’m not alone…:face_exhaling: