24 Hours in the Old Pueblo 2020 - General Thread + Nutrition Question

  1. Who all here is going to 24HOP this year? I’m heading down tomorrow morning and me and my father-in-law are running a Duo. Last year was our first year and we did a four person team. Tons of fun. Super cold. Plenty of great learnings.

  2. With the Duo this year and maybe 1:30 between laps, one thing I’m wondering about is timing of nutrition. I have on-the-bike nutrition like Skratch & Maurten, but I’m curious eating in between. I originally thought I’d just eat a bunch right when I got back to camp, but now I’m thinking about that drop in blood sugar about an hour after eating. That hour-ish timing combined with when I’ll be running my next lap probably wouldn’t work out too well in theory.

I’m thinking my solution is to fuel plenty when I get back to camp to have plenty of time to digest, and then take in a gel or four chews maybe 15 minutes before my next lap.

Overthinking this? Remembering something incorrectly? Etc?